Welcome to the jungle


What exactly is jungle style? Can you give examples? And what’s the opposite of jungle style?

Is it just doing unsafe shit that shouldn’t work but does, like cr.MK LK tatsu throw, or Ken LP DP LP DP LP DP?


Hard to describe.

I look at Jungle style as the furthest end of the aggressive—defensive spectrum of playstyles (obv on the aggressive end). Combine risky moves and a very fast pace. Vanao is the best accessible example of a Jungle player I can think of. I’d also say Jiro falls into this territory.

Best jungle characters : Denjin Ryu, Gouki, Dudley

If you could spend a day at FFA you’d understand Jungle playstyle perfectly by the end of the night.


3 Kick button where HK should be MadCatz TE for a start.

pherai answered well, sorry to mess around but none of this can help 3s forums, except here in this topic

:360::360:(air) :360:“diaper” :hp: bomb:hp::hp:

:atk: :rdp::atk::nunchuck::s:

^ won’t spam any of this again.

:df: stand:mk::u::mk:

:db:1:f::f::mp::u::lp::qcf::qcf::lp:( :mp: ) [/details]

My sig website broke, only on google search, “jungaru” get the symbols katakana?

Or Look up SF3onlineedition youtube channels Hugo beast nappyNightmares. Beasting the growing beasts.


#1!! Hugo

thy ryan is not almighty of Hugos yet



Recently, I’ve had the

shoto spam sweep, i block and counter with s.hp with chun, which normally would work

but probably lag/delay allows them to actually do a DP…


Cancelling blocked sweep into RAGING D…P?

Or mash SRK, get dash up crLP SRK.

Online Edition


Inb4 ESN posts “Then why do you play online to begin with? Gahhd!”


Is it not mexican style?


To me, someone who is jungle plays soooo wild and stupid. Risk/reward means nothing to these people. They are idiots. Personally, I wouldnt put vanao in this category because hes pretty knowledgeable about the game. Denjin Ryu does benefit more from taking risks though.

You’ll instantly know youre playing a jungle strike guy if you constantly find yourself repeating this phrase in your mind at least 3 times per round: “why the fuck would you do that you idiot?”

They lack brain.

I agree.


Would you guys consider this Ibuki player to be jungle?


Just curious. Because it seemed like not only did the opposition not know the matchup too well but that the Ibuki just had to tap buttons every second. You know, one of those guys that always has to do something. It doesn’t matter if they’re doing something unsafe or you have them locked down, they’re always doing something.

Surprised that so many of them fell for EX on wakeup…

BTW: at around 17:00 you can see an Alex rape that Ibuki player. Hilarious.


i wouldnt consider pressing buttons to be jungle.

just watched the vid. nothing jungle i see. sounds like you need a trip to ffa.


there’s two kinds of people who do dumb risky shit

some who do it because they think you won’t expect it. or they overestimate their position in the risk-reward tradeoff. this happens a lot of times when there’s a big skill gap. you’re used to something generally working okay then you realize that the other guy is way better than you and he’s gonna punish that every time. I’ve been on the bad end of this plenty and that’s how I learn shit.

then the other people who just don’t know. they have no idea whether something is risky. just fucking doing it, man. wakeup DP 4 times in a row even if it gets blocked then punished each time. I think a lot of these guys came from SF4.

also I have a feeling that jungle strike and how often you taunt after a round are directly correlated.


A good example of jungle would be the Remy player from a few month ago Touzaisen, literally doing dash Ex Flashkick every 5 sec.
The sad part is it worked pretty well.


Thanatos and Youhei also fit quite well among those jungle style player (who still also actually know the game)


Good to know.


Bad player goin ham and it works = You lucky bitch

Good player goin ham and it works = Good reads


A lot of people say that the only other person that knows almost as much as Kuroda about 3rd Strike is Vanao. That said, he can play REALLY well when need be, but sometimes…sometimes, man…


It’s jungle if you don’t build from a single attack. As in elaborate on the same set up throughout. Or at least between knockdowns.
I guess jungle could mean one just doesn’t understand it.

Because if you know how to read a player’s true intentions, you can’t really say it’s random or whatever, thus making it NotJungle.


Jungle: mash DP after everything…
Jungle: What’s a meaty?
Jungle: He won’t anti-air me… This is 3rd Strike.
Jungle: I’m untouchable in the air because I can parry
Jungle: Ey LiEk mASHuDeBuddeNZ!


A lot of you guys seem to equate jungle with just general scrubbiness and I don’t think that’s accurate. Jungle players can be pretty difficult. In a 3v3 format I think its really helpful to have a jungle player on your team. Just cause its unconventional doesn’t mean its indicative of low skill.


6 ex tatsus in a row