Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED SRK Frontpage!

Inkblot just did a renovation of the Homepage and it looks amazing. Check it out!!! www.shoryuken.com in case you didnt know!!! =D

sabre just posting this news cause hes featured in a community spotlight article by keits :stuck_out_tongue:

rofl. fucker. I actually rejected to do the interview at first too. I thought there were way more interesting people than me.

i hate you, and your endless japanese comp!


This frontpage is about to explode!!

Thanks for the heads up. You weren’t kidding, there are a crap load of updates.

Now bring back that Ken that reacted to the buttons!

cool thanks for letting us know.

“I was so hardcore, that I used to steal money from my mom?s purse to go play, on a daily basis.”


That’s really good.

Man I remember the early days of this site when there were regular features breaking down how to do glitches, infinites and other exploits in A3 and Marvel. And official SRK combo videos!

Sorry if this is an obvious question for you guys, but who actually owns the site? Is it collaborative or is it purely Wizard’s site with his buddies just helping out? Seems guys that used to be prominent like Javi just vanished.

Cool, good to see all the news in one bird’s eye view.

cool, but what took you so long?
i wish the front page would expand a lot more… fixtures, movie section, articles

this community needs to grow… with SRK being the central fighting games hub :slight_smile:

I’ve always gone through the frontpage, for some reason. The last few days blew me away!

…especially the Sakura vid, even though she’s a little mannish.

Wow, would’ve missed it.

I’ll change my bookmark to the front page now.

Someone should post when Gootecks has a new podcast on the front page.

I should be featured next… No one knows me… I’m so lonely…

I got sick of it, because no updates and just Capcom related stuff

No, Javi chose to have a life.

…and yes, he still posts.


Good stuff, guys. I was definitely around the arcades a lot in my younger days, but I never stole money from my parents! :rofl: Plus this was more of a MK/KI area - we never even got ST anywhere in my town. =P

I think if online became good enough and trustworthy enough that people would enter money tournaments, players would experience a good deal of that pressure. That would require some more technological improvements for sure, though.

good stuff but it’s a shame that the link to the srk main page is all the way at the bottom of the page. oh wait, the srk main page is a simple click away with the srk tool bar, available for firefox!

OR, you click the SRK logo at the top left of every forum page. :hitit:

the top left srk logo takes me to the front page of the forums, not the srk main page.