Welcome to the new SSBB Mods

Quiche and Nasir!!!

Get to work slackers.

welcome ‘guys i dont know because i rarely come here’

:slight_smile: Dont ban me, bro!

err hi and thanks? I hope this isn’t some twisted late april fools joke :slight_smile:

Prepare for the worst!!! ;o

are you sure Wiz?! I dunno if you’ll still want Nasir after you see what he does when he’s not playing brawl : http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1809497

Good shit Nasir. You’re the highest ranking Korean official i know!

Whoa, I’m a mod of a section people actually care about!


Hey there is at least 2 people who care about IMM…

nice…happy banning guys!

Congrabulations! May your ban hammers swing with the cry of a thousand … things.

Congratulations, guys. And good luck with modding this forum because seriously, whoever mods this place needs to have the patience of a saint, considering that most of the posts here are comprised of incessant arguing about items.

writes a sticky note on his computer to never say anything wrong towards Quiche

Quiche’s olimar blows!

ponts to emblem He said it!

orochizoolander is getting banned!

points to nasir He said it!


Quiche speaks the truth. Who’s faces do I need to ban to get a little respect/fear instilled around here?



See you guys in SRK’s Back Room. :tup:

Alphazealot would be a good start.

Fixed that for you. :rofl: