Welcome To The Salty Spitoon


How salty are you?

I drop the doom loop.
In the corner


But nobody fucks those up.



I tried playing this game… Online.


I tried playing this game.


I just played the game and didn’t complain…


I tried playing Magneto online and didn’t drop a hyper grav loop.


My friend sometimes gets a normal jump instead of a super jump after a Hard Kick. He calls it the Hard Kick glitch. I never see this happen to anyone else.

The other day I lost 3-0 to a drunk guy in a tournament, and I think if I had kept going I would have gotten top 4. I was unimaginably salty, like “I’m gonna quit this game” salty.


I “play” Iron Man.


This salty.

All the time. Even when I’m winning.


This one time i dp’d with skrull and didnt inferno to follow up