Welcome to the video gallery!

This forum will serve as the new home for all links and videos from the world wide web. These can be Street Fighter videos, or just random funny videos you want to show everyone.

  1. No Porn.

  2. Nothing illegal.

  3. Nothing in bad taste.

  4. No videos as attachments.

Ok have at it!


Great idea though, Wiz. A one-stop forum for all your video needs. Me like :tup:



Thanks for the forum. I wasn’t sure you cared about the pm I sent but this rocks. :tup:

Man, this is a wonderful idea, and should make sorting through all of the different threads created for video content (each forum seems to have one).

The only thing I wonder about is, will a lot of people see it down here at the bottom? I suppose the mods will be re-directing a lot of people for awhile.

Why not just merge imageforum and this forum together to form a multimedia forum?


America! Fuck Yeah!

I JUST asked about this and somebody said…

Fuck it. I won’t spoil a good thing. Thanks for this forum.

Seeing as how I’m the newly appointed mod for this forum, please make it your duty to use the search function to prevent a useless re-post of a video that already has a thread. Or just browse around the threads seeing as how I doubt this forum will make it to multiple pages past the glorious number 2. So help me, help you. :tup:

Just an FYI. =/

Nice i’ll pm you in a day or two.

ok so let me get this righ. everyone hates on me for postin my vid in the wrong section. ok so i post it here and what happens. it gets deleted. tnks i appreciate it homies. teh omfg


Wow. Like magic. Assumptions have to be your best friend. I just simply moved it into the appropriate thread. I mean, this isn’t exactly a video thread, sooooooo…

wow man im sorry a s fuck i had no clue. i dont se forums much man and i didnt mean any disrespeact. tnks man i apreciate it dog

Actually, it was my idea.


please split these forums


Ibuki confirmed for Street Fighter 4~

omfg…WHY did I click that link!?