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I JUST asked about this and somebody said…

Fuck it. I won’t spoil a good thing. Thanks for this forum.


Seeing as how I’m the newly appointed mod for this forum, please make it your duty to use the search function to prevent a useless re-post of a video that already has a thread. Or just browse around the threads seeing as how I doubt this forum will make it to multiple pages past the glorious number 2. So help me, help you. :tup:

Just an FYI. =/


Nice i’ll pm you in a day or two.


ok so let me get this righ. everyone hates on me for postin my vid in the wrong section. ok so i post it here and what happens. it gets deleted. tnks i appreciate it homies. teh omfg



Wow. Like magic. Assumptions have to be your best friend. I just simply moved it into the appropriate thread. I mean, this isn’t exactly a video thread, sooooooo…


wow man im sorry a s fuck i had no clue. i dont se forums much man and i didnt mean any disrespeact. tnks man i apreciate it dog


Actually, it was my idea.



please split these forums



Ibuki confirmed for Street Fighter 4~


omfg…WHY did I click that link!?




evil laugh :open_mouth:


Hi MrWizard,
Yes its a great idea. I would love all videos.
This forum will really rock!



Guys, check out this awsome VID!!!


Yo, this is DancingFighterG. I wanted to find the section where you can see recommended streaming channels. Does anyone know where that is at?

Edit: Nevermind, found it!!


LOLOLOLOL look at this joke of a kid.


I have Street Fighter satire from youtube to show:

How To Pretend You Don’t Suck At Street Fighter

It’s like the “Super Street Fighter - The Movie” video. Perhaps you guys remember that one.

PS: I found two very similar topics, so I posted the same thing on both. Mods, feel free to remove on of them if you wish.


Funny Ending

I ain’t the greatest Dictator player ever so don’t give me ****! But I have to say that Ryu must have been pissed lol enjoy



My friends and I have formed “The Worst.” Check it out if you want to see some decent but sometimes derpy matches.


P.A.R. (SNES) Super Street Fighter II - Perfect Victory