Welcome your newest mod Sabin!

Now get crackin!

what up

Crank Dat Sabin Mod!


Damn, I’m done for. But, I DO play AHF, so I get a free pass. YESSSSSSS!!!

What’s good?




Arturo “Step that shit up” mixtape available Fall 07

Welcome aboard! :china:

Congrats to Arturo! YAY!! \o/

Welcome to the war. \o/

lol, you guys are jokes.

Oh no a Empire member is mod. Dark days ahead :looney:

But seriously, yeah, ill try to adopt a similar style of modding to Kaneda’s (with less hate probably lol.) There hasnt been too much spam lately due to his style of modding haha, but ill be on the lookout for stupid stuff. I’ll do my best to be as fair as possible.

Thanks tho, Wiz. :china:


Wait, does this mean that a Turtles thread can actually survive nao? :confused:

No way!! Awesome!

One question though: What precautions is SRK taking to protect us from an Empire takeover? As someone said earlier in the thread …

:tup: Good luck fellow mod… dood.

wheee :tup:

congrats :party:

well thats kinda cool i guess

Good Shit Turo

We need more of it :3

Good shit Arturo…good shit indeed!!! :china: :smokin: