Welcome your newest mod Sabin!

oh great, arturo is a mod, i resign!


=) i <3 u

I knew from the moment Sabin became teatime champion that he was headed for big things, now look at him!

BTW, I’m not so sure an Empire takeover is what we should be worried about.

Congrats and all that jazz.


get hype

Insert barely coherent hip-hop inspired grammatical nightmare of a phrase in congratulation here.

Bear it well.

congrats dude :tup:

can you be a mod without being premium

… Hi.

Good shit, Arturo!

Does that mean I gotta mow Sabin’s lawn and make him a sandwich? :frowning:

No. :mad:

Bro, you could’ve retired months ago lol The KI thread is the most I’ve seen you non-ninja post in here =p

We already have Guardcrush.net. =p Although an AH section would be a good idea eventually…=p

you’re looking at an example

though that’s not gonna last long

Congrats Sabin!

GC.Net will re-open in October btw

And I agree with Mizuki, we need more hate =P

grats Sabin

good shit artypants

I would perma ban Emil as my first act…j/k :slight_smile:

Yay a Arcana playing Mod, I want to arcana thread get sticky since 2/3 of the mods in this section plays it :slight_smile:

congrats sabin

fixed, now there are 2


I didn’t know you could access SRK from an arcana cab.