Steven Harper is going to conquer the US in no time.



awkward!!11 :sweat:


^ to the MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!11111111111one




^ ROFLCOPTER!!!1111eleven



lol i don’t get it!!!





Great additon to this section. I proposed a Euro section a year or two back… Nice one, mods!


I think that Canada and a couple other countries should have their own Discussion & Match Making forums.

This is not to say that the “World: Discussion & Matchmaking Forum” is the shitbox. It’s just that THERE ARE A LOT OF CANADIANS THAT PLAY AND POST HERE.


This thread is a perfect typical thought process of the average american- doesnt shock me lol


We have 13 Canadian regional threads this month, doubt that’s enough to warrant it’s own forum.


…I’m surprised he hasn’t done so yet.


Who knows what Mr. Wiz is thinking, but the bottom definitely is, “My site. My rules”, which sucks. Whatever though. BC still is PNW no matter what he says. :wink:


i hear jinrai and mr.wiz are best of buds

jinrai, talk some sense into your homie and get us our own canadian forum


Best of buds? More like he doesn’t hate me.


Just in case it wasn’t obvious


Hi Everybody,

I’m new in the forum. And i don’t if it is necessary to introduce myself or not.
Is there a special thread to do it , or do i have to create my own one ?
Thank you in advance for your answer.

Ps: i’m French so excuse me if i made some mistakes in my post


You guys have no idea of the copious amounts of support I am not intending to give. And they are falling from the sky.
Anyways, mexican southern California player of swr and hisoutensoku here. Also wasn’t this thread intended to welcome to this part of the site? Instead, some people that is actually the vast majority of users here are complaining that their country’s thread should belong somewhere else instead of here.