Welcome to the new King of Fighters XII section on SRK!

Have fun!

Thks, Wiz.


This is very much needed and welcomed.

KOFXII definitely deserves its own section :tup:


Hmm…didn’t actually expect this.

Cool beans.


welcome to the new home of KoF

I think with the recent discussion we were having about there not being a dedicated US forum for KOF started this. I’m not surprised by this at all, but awesome anyway. Now KOF isn’t bunched up anymore in FGD.

You the Man!

thanx MrWizard :tup:

Oh my!*** I*** didnt see this coming!

Wouldn’t have seen this coming a mile away. Thank you.


can i be a mod for this subforum :looney:

The 98UM thread should go here also but that won’t be bumped until I or someone else posts new material/vids lol.

I would argue the same with the Garou thread. Let XII have char specific ones, but gather up the other games together.

Thanks, Mr. Wiz!

Damn, this is a surprise right here. Good Lookin, Wiz!!!

You a fool, Keits. But you still my peoples though.

How am I a fool? :lovin:

This was…unexpected…and it isn’t raining meteors outside…