Well done steak is better than rare


There I said it!

Rare steak tastes like shit. Well done is great because I like it when the meat is nice and hard, not soft as soft-serve shit.


i rather have a hamburger then a steak


Get out.


So order well done when you are at a restaurant and enjoy having your meal take twice as long. Though, you are probably better off just getting hamburger if it will be well done. Not a whole lot to discuss there.


Just made steak yesterday.

I like it done. A nice rub with a sweet and savory flavor profile, slow cooked, and rubbed with butter & spices then wrapped in the broiler at the end to seal in moisture. Done steak does not have to be hard.

It was still just as soft and moist when I had the rest of it as leftovers today.


I bet that N in you alias means novice


You sound like a honkey. Real niggas use hot sauce or buffalo sauce and call it a day.


Medium is the best.


If it’s more than medium rare you aren’t eating it correctly.


A steak cooked pink is the only way.
Why are black folk afraid of red meat?


You are your parents’ greatest failure.


I eat my shit raw nigga TAR TAR!


Then maybe I eat like a honkey.

I’ve eaten a real nigga steak. I was hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a brick.

Oh, I hate chicken wings, and hot sauce.


Judging by your other troll thread I bet you do…


So you don’t like your meat coming in from the back door?


I like my steaks bleeding. Afterwords If it doesnt look like ive recently fed than i have a problem


Rare? Ew.

Like dafuq? Did you want your steak to be pulsing in your gut from what looks like just slain meat? Lol.

Are yall vampires? Yall need that steak bloody?

Shit is crazy, I’d be cautious of a gal that likes rare steak, she’s probably a lycan, or a serial murderer or something. Like Dex.


I definitely like steaks(ribeyes or prime rib) on the rare to medium rare. Can you imagine a well done ribeye/prime rib that shit will taste like shit.


medium is the perfect solution