Well gents, we just got screwed by Combofiend



These are the suggestions he mentioned in his podcast which he selected and sent to Capcom:

Taunts to gain meter on whiff
sLP increase hitbox upward so it deals with dive kicks
LK Dankick to hit crouchers more consistently
EX Gadoken to have less recovery
U2 hit entire ultra to hit on juggle and increase damage from 368 to 390
MK and HK Tatsu to be -2F on block

What. the fuck. None of the crucial stuff. No air lk.danku, no gadoken hurtbox, no cr.mk, no U2 to come out on hit…

Sure we got some of the more fun stuff but that’s it. MK and HK danku are ALREADY -2 on block! What the hell man.

Let’s hope to God Capcom does more with it… though I don’t know how unless they ask Kubobuu because obviously they haven’t asked Ixion anything yet.

What a load of shit. We got screwed. With everyone getting buffs, Dan is essentially dead in the water with these inert buffs.


I’ll take what I can get. EX Gadouken recovery slashed is especially interesting, depending on how much. Think 1 meter for a frame trap. Also, the damage he gets from U2 now is MASSIVE. The reason the damage was so low was because it didn’t juggle fully. This means KRK FADC and meaty LK.Danku in the corner causes waaaay more damage than the 22 point change suggests.

Edit: Also, the changes to LK.Danku means characters may not be able to low-profile it anymore, and also, depending on just HOW they widened the hitbox, this may actually make crossup LK.Danku happen more often. O:


Those changes aren’t terrible… I’m guessing the Ultra 2 change is a very nice buff. I didn’t realise it wasn’t fully connecting off the DP cancel.

But I mean… how much did we really expect Capcom to buff Dan.


We may be mistaking Combofiend’s words a bit. Is he simply suggesting the removal of the whole “Less hits over distance traveled” effect from U2? If so, the change isn’t that drastic.


Taunts give EX… except that lp gadoken does too, and lk danku gives a LOT so whats the point?

Cancellable taunts to put into combos or in general to surprise people ( cancelling early ) would allow tons of fun taunting at no realy benefit for Dan. but it would be fun.

Air lk.danku was key here and sucks that it was ignored.


The Capcops didn´t mentioned all of the suggestions, which will be sent to Capcom Japan, so just wait and see, how will Capcom handle Dan. It isn´t guaranteed, what he will get in the end, so we can only wait for the changes.


First: chubbyfingerz. Chill the fuck down mate! D:
These changes are NOT CONFIRMED and these changes are NOT GUARANTEED to make it into the game. These are SOME of the changes that have been sent to Capcom Japan for further consideration. MEANING that everything that combofiend have said about ANY CHARACTER is basically just babble and rabble.

Second: Taunts give EX may not be so useful, but’s freaking hilarious. SAIKYO POWER TAUNT TO VICTORY!

Third: Why the hell would he blurt out the whole freaking change log of one character in a podcast? I know you like Dan, but stop being so bloody defensive mate. Take a breather if this bothers you so much.

Fourth: As HonZoMon said, how much did you think they will change Dan? At most, they will probably buff him enough to keep him up with the rest, but that’s about it. I would be happy to be proven wrong, but he is Dan Hibiki. It’s pretty much thanks to the excellent character balancing of SF4 that he’s not horribly bad.
They will not give him a decent amount of buffs to make him suddenly as tournament viable as Ryu or anyone else. I would be happy if they do, but that’s a slim chance.

I will continue to play Dan and be happy no matter if he’s left in the dust or not in this update. But whether or not you will I honestly don’t care about, but please calm the fuck down about things until something that is actually confirmed and guaranteed pops up.



Is Yoshinori Ono going to evo? If so we should get someone to give him a personal list of Dan changes that we want.


Or punch him in the kidneys


Your gripe is with Combofiend.


yeah I don’t Dan is going to get any changes that will improve him or changes his matchups


I would say it is worth a try, if i lived in the country i would personally make it my mission to find him and hand over the change suggestions.


Same here, even some of the buffs would put him up there. I’ll continue to play Dan as well though, no change there, but it would have been pretty awesome for him to actually get tournament viable.


I tried to do a quick run through on capcom unity forums and tried to pick out (and copy/paste) common changes that should be added… a lot of crap to filter through.

This is a list i made… someone edit then print the list out and give it to Yoshinori Ono at EVO


  • Extend hit box on his crouching and standing mk
  • Increase hit stun with his jumping (forward and neutral) mk
  • Decrease start up frames of his crouching hk
  • Increase damage to his standing mp
    -Close standing lk: close lk comes out from a bit further away (currently only comes out when point blank): cr lk close lk is one of his most important hit confirms but only works point blank, this lets Dan do cr lk cr lk then still be in range for close lk
  • Either REMOVAL of cl.LP, or some form of buff to make it a useful move. The way it is now it’s not only useless - it’s in the way of good play. It whiffs, it has slow startup, and it has slow recovery. I hate with every inch of my body. Something must be done.
  • Buffed hitbox/priority on far.LP when it comes to anti-airing.
    -Neutral jump hp: 9 frame startup, bigger vertical hitbox (currently 12 frame startup, small vertical hitbox): dp fadc neutral jump hp whiffs on a bunch of characters because it’s either too slow or too small, I just want it to work on everyone


  • Reduce Hurt box in his Fireball
  • ALL Ground Dan Kicks, extend hitbox slightly lower and toward opponent (sometimes whiffs over or crosses up short characters who are crouching normally): more consistent hitbox so no more whiffs or crossups.
  • Shorter recovery with Air Dan Kicks
  • Reduce height restriction of Air Dan Kicks
  • Ex Dan Kicks causing hard knockdown OR remove his posing after hit.
    EX Danku causes hard knockdown. This would be a massive buff to his footsie and OS game. If I could have any single buff, this would be it. This is a SUBSTANTIAL buff, however, but it would greatly effect his ability to deal with a lot of characters (There are many instances where Dan can ONLY punish with EX Danku, such as Cody’s EX Bingo, Ryu’s Sweep and many instances of whiff-punishing).

Currently, when Dan lands EX Danku, his offense is obliterated by Quick Stand. He nets virtually no frame advantage during the dash forward and can’t cross up. Characters with powerful backdashes, like Rose and Chun-Li, make this even more painful. He spends a whole bar to use it, but gets little in terms of momentum against the majority of the cast.

Make the last hit of EX Danku cause hard knockdown, and leave the first two as soft. This would prevent trades and really moonshot EX Danku attempts from midscreen from netting anything useful. This would also stop the Dhalsim matchup from being too stupid.

  • Reduce hurt box on Gadouken
    So that the outer part of his hand doesn’t get hit half of the time you try to apply it your footsie game. Gadouken is a large part of his limited footsie game, and having it so extremely “hittable” is only spraying salt in the wounds…


  • Make his super activated by KICK
  • Make U2 come out (like ryus ultra)
  • Bring back invulnerable frames of his U2
  • U1 breaks through focus


  • Taunts can be special cancelled out of it
  • Rolling taunt
  • Taunt builds meter on wiff


  • Decrease duration of his forward dash


If he got ALL of that shit he still would be upper mid tier. Let’s just pray we get a few of the crucial ones… and looking at how Capcom just passed over Vega, we might not even get that


Dunno who was the OP of that, but Dan can punish Cody’s EX Zonk with all sorts of stuff…


That was by Krakatoa


Ett said on July 14, 2013 at 1:33 p.m.
I want to know if they buff Dan to have 5-5 match ups like everyone else. (Please answer Dawgtanian)


Dawgtanian said on July 14, 2013 at 2:47 p.m.
#8 - Sorry I nearly missed your question, and to answer it is difficult at this stage. We’ve certainly not tried to make Dan purposely bad (he seems to just have a natural ability to do that himself!), and I can say he has a couple of unique buffs that only him, the master of taunting is capable of! :wink: