Well...played SF4 for this first time today

…Thank god there’s still a 3S cabinet around here.


flamebait much?

Some detail would be nice, and we have a sf4 forum…

Yeah, otherwise then you’d actually have to learn to play street fighter.

There’s a specific forum for sf4 threads. Though I don’t think garbage like this is welcome over there either.

This isn’t flamebait at all; this game is legitimately disappointing as all hell. Capcom has quite simply chosen to pretend 3S never happened, and make a 3D version of SF2. I realize SF2 was more commercially successful, and it makes financial sense to cash in on that nostalgia, but what happened to the idea of actually making sequels an evolution of the previous game? 3S is unarguably deeper and more advanced than SF2…and now they’ve gone and pissed that all away my re-simplifying it.

This is just another in a long series of games jumping on the “casual gaming” bandwagon, at the expense of the technical depth that made 3S the greatest fighting game of all time.

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Yes because surely since the fighting game genre is selling SO WELL (hint: sarcasm) they must continue to make them SOOOO complicated to help get sales (hint: also sarcasm).

Also 3s…more advanced? Yes. Deeper?



Good one.

Btw has everyone forgotten that SF4 is the 1st game of the new series?
Even if there were some things to be improved in SF4 (I’m not saying there are), when was the last time Capcom got it 100% right on the 1st go.

WW? SFA1? NG? None of those were great games. GIVE THE SHIT SOME TIME.

Also, this is about SF4 as compared to 3S and SF2, not about SF4 in and of itself; thus it does not belong in the SF4 section. Get off my back.

rofl worst post ever

No VS. threads.

You don’t think your criticism is, I don’t know, a bit too soon to be legitimate?

I’m sure there are people that said similar things when SFIII debuted. Give it a chance.

Okay, given, it might be playable after forty-three and a half revisions…but that doesn’t excuse how oversimplified it is, or how Capcom is pretending SF3 never happened.

And to be fair, me and a friend pumped over $20 worth of tokens into the machine, at 75 cents a play. We got a pretty good look at it.

Oh I see what you mean, it’s just like the time in 3 when they pretended 2 never happened…

Pumping in $20 worth and finally after over 20 games you realized it wasn’t fun to you makes you look even more like an idiot.
And if you want to delve into opinions, SF3 sucks. New Generation sucked, Third Strike was fucking AWFULLLL, Second Impact was good. 33% is failing as far as I’m concerned, especially when the most recent installment was the worst of the three.
The sales and completely self-defeating subsystem perpetually prove that.
So why WOULDN’T Capcom ‘remake’ their most commercially successful and most popular game and add elements to it that DON’T suck? (EX moves, for one. No parrying was a great move on their part.)


Here’s an idea: Leave your rabid Capcom fanboyism at the door, and accept that people have different opinions than you, and that they may not always be in favour of your beloved Capcom.

Thanks for the neg-rep, angsty troll posse. Mods, lock this thread.


Okay man, whatever you say.


Sigley’s back?..and he lives in canada?

It amazes me to this day and age, that people still praise 3S as some sort of gift from the fighting game gods when it is the exact opposite. What a fucking terrible game. HIGH/LOW/THROW ALL DAY. Yes, rock paper scissors with a joystick is a terrible fucking idea.


I’m pretty sure you’re the last person people should be spurning ideas from, your arguments are like Twelve spamming crouching short.
They’re as shitty as the rest of the damn game.