Well this is a bit saddening

I’ve been trying to look for SF4 Japanese Tournaments to check where TKD and Tetsu rank among the best players in Japan, but unfortunately, my google skills suck.

I did, however, stumble upon this:


It’s a bit saddening that not one El Fuerte user even made it to the Top 50.

Is Fuerte really THAT bad? I see TKD and Tetsu vids and they look like they can hang with Japan’s best.


Fuerte’s got a lot of high risk moves which rely on you guessing right or reading the opponent very well, and that doesn’t run well with having a short life bar. Other characters get better returns off lower risk stuff. No one’s THAT good that they can read every opponent 100% of the time, and that’s where Fuerte gets most of his losses. Guess wrong, make a mistake or two, you’re dead.

How Fuerte performs at high level though doesn’t make him any less fun to use for me, so I’m not too fussed about tier lists and rankings.

Same for me, i always have FUN playing as Fuerte and beating some guys, but the thing is, if you want to be competitive, you’re at a distinct disadvantage.

I think it takes a lot of effort to bring Fuerte to competitive play, and I DO believe that tetsu and TKD managed to do that, even if they are not ranked in the top 50. A proof of that is the Gods Garden tournament that happened a couple of months ago, which gathers that absolute top players in Japan. Both Tetsu and TKD ranked 7th place in the top 8. Oh, and they beat out Nemo and Kindevu easily (who are ranked 5th and 9th on that list), so they certainly can do it. I remember that I have seen this list a long time ago, I wonder if there is an updated one, maybe one of the two managed to get in hopefully.

BUT, I think both Tetsu and TKD realize that Fuerte is simply more about fun and satisfaction, otherwise they would pick someone else if they only want to be ranked higher. I honestly have more fun with Fuerte than any other character in the game, which is what matters.

nice post bro.

yeah i was thinking that maybe the rankings were not really a basis of how good someone is, but at the same time, it hard not to take that into consideration.

This is why i first tried searching for the latest Japanese SF4 tournament results, but unfortunately, i couldn’t find any. The only one i’ve found was the Last God’s Garden tournament where, like you said, TKD and Tetsu were very successful.

This could have gone in general discussion…I’m pretty sure this was brought up both in General Discussion, AND the video thread