Well, this really sucks


So I was on a train the other day, and all of the seats were taken so i had to sit next to this chick (who looked preppy btw and hot) and three of her friends, whom which were fit guys, and one of them was wearing a tap out shirt. The bitch put her leg across the seat so that I couldn’t sit beside her, then I said “scoot bitch”(I was sort of drunk, I was at the bar for about 30 min) and then grabbed her foot and threw it to the floor. Then right about that time, one of those guys slugged me in the back of the head. We tussled until some cops came and threw me and those guys off the train. I went to jail for the night. And that was the end of it.

Does anyone have any bs stories like this?


cleverest of irony. :cool:


Your mom would never let you out by yourself


you got mad squabbles ma dude


I thought you said you got arrested for beating up a kid for breaking your car windows.


Damn. the one time mom shoulda been calling you and she didn’t.



This is a long time ago. I’m still heated over it though.


are you from new york?


Well…get the fuck over it then.


Cool story bro. :coffee:


you misspelled “they boot fucked me while I curled up in the fetal position on a dirty train floor, waiting for cops to come save me”


What a pussy.

Get some manners you turd.


I got records on my fingers.
Records on my fingers, and I just can’t stop.


crazy story.


There is a god…