Well, this sucks

So yeah, my sisters friend got HIV from going down on some AIDS riddled chick, and his gf dumped him, and then tried to kill himself.

So my sister takes him to the hospital (in her words, from a bridge to a hospital), and they discharge him soon after, and he jumped in front of a fucking train.

Suddenly my day seems a LITTLE less shitty.

Damn. The HIV isn’t THAT bad. You can still live a some what normal life.

lol i hope not

This is the kind of shit I find stupid. If I got fucked over like that I’d so some crazy shit before I /train.

Remember kids, make sure yo womenz be testedz and jurselfz cuz if nawtz den u do sum craz shit.

Ouch. Sorry to hear that, that’s terrible.

This makes me even more reluctant to eat pussy now.

And yeah, that’s messed up.

Cool story, bro.

And that’s why we shouldn’t have sex.

man my sister was like ‘im in a bad mood fuck off’ and im like wtf

then she told me why she was in the bad mood (friend committed suicide) and i was like wtf x 2

then she told me how/why and i was like o.0

oh, and the news only reported it as an accident:

her and the victims family are gonna apparantly try some shit to see why a suicide attemptee was immediately discharged from the hospital after his first attempt.


You don’t know why?

Maybe it’s because Canadian healthcare notoriously prematurely discharges patients.

lol @ the same dude who told me i can’t talk about american ANYTHING, but has a valid opinion of Canadian healthcare

Did the hospital even know about the first attempt? I mean, thinking about throwing yourself off a bridge doesn’t exactly leave a lot of visual clues, if that’s what he was considering… Rough story though. At least he died quickly, which is probably what he wanted. A train going at full speed can turn a human into instant red mist.


Well, just know this.
Nao i’m not sure how Canadian healthcare is, I do know it’s free.
Over here when you go to the hospital, they keep you there for a good bit of time.

his last words as he fled from the hospital, before immediately running to train tracks and losing a headbutt war, was “i’ll show you all”

i wish i was making this up

E. Honda fail.

probably not gettin the whole story straight… but that girl totally sounds like she planned on dumping him so she gave him aids on purpose… thats just messed up.

did he drop any good loot?

Sorry, but LMAO

Did anyone yell back “LOLUMAD!”


story i got just now was he was HIV positive, but got a gf…on wed gf was like fuck this im out
so he finds himself on a bridge, and ppl gotta talk him down. Dunno how my sister got involved or exact details, but she ends up driving him to a hospital in Toronto. Then it was countdown to train time.

it’s fucked that essentially his obituary is essentially:

congratz, you’re a delay

man, im trying to keep a straight face about this. Interesting way to go, all things considered. I still prefer more high profile ways (ie strap bombs to urself, hijack a skyscraper, draw a crowd, and then jump off roof and detonate, showering the crowd with memories and organs) to end it all

you make alot of threads