Well... What does everyone think?

Well its day 3 and ive only been in the “mission” zone trying to figure out the different kinds of combos/moves with akuma, wolvie, and the assassin. For some reason Im finding it a little difficult compared to Streetfighter. Now ladies and gents ive been playing fighting games for quite sometime so im no noob to the genre but i will say i am a definite noob to the marvel capcom series. I could never really get into this series and now i think i know why… I went through the arcade mode a few times outside of just practice and couldn’t really gauge my performance it looked like i was doing combos but felt like I was mashing buttons, and I dont like that feeling. Im not bashing the game it is definitely beautiful im just not really feeling the layout at this time. I hope this changes in time…? So lets here what other people think as i go back to practice…