Wellp, apparently I'm the disconnect king

I guess some people are getting this if they fail a ranked search

on 360

Man,your life is hard. lol

I haven’t ran into this type of thing yet,but I have ran into all the other things like false ko’s and weird audio files swaps.

You’re no gentleman! Take your losses like a man!


Thats nuts

Hmm, i’d file that under the bug folder.

I thought that was for actual DCers (like their percentage of DCs from matches). Obviously not

Can someone help me on why randomly my disconnection % went from 0 to off the charts i remembered i joined some player to fight and when we were about to there were no figures fighting it was just an empty stage but you hear the characters moves i think i ran into a modder so i left the match and than i ended up with this % :eek:


just reconnect to live or psn. mine did that exact same number until i reset it and it went back to 0%

i did its still there thats a major bug lol alot of people kick me off the lobbies for that =(

Thats the funniest shit I’ve ever seen!!! :smiley:

I’ve seen a few of these now… The only thing that’s good about this game is that its 3S… EVERYTHING about the online play is pure fail sauce.

Got the same thing. Also on 360, got the ranked achievement though so goodbye ranked.

until they fix the problems for ranked that may be best spider.

I beat a really good Alex and I swear I got disconnected from PSN as soon as I got the last hit. Now im at 5% and I dont have the replay:/

That DC % is delicious

lol I have that same number, what the freak man. I thought the update was gong to fix that

I have the same bug lol, people kept saying oh this guy is going to rage on us when I entered the lobby :lol: