Wells Gardner 25" or VGA monitor for primal rage cabinet?


I’m getting a pretty awesome deal on a Primal Rage Cab with board and everything except the monitor and a subwoofer. I was wondering if it was worth it to get a Wells Gardner 25" Arcade monitor (because the Neotec 25" monitor seems to be non existent when I look around and there are quite a few working Wells Gardners) or just say screw it and try to find a vga monitor big enough to fill up most of the gap into the cab and get a bezel? (The biggest 4:3 aspect vga I can find that can fit seems to be 19" other wise its 27"+) I know both have there pros and cons because of crts are becoming more and more scarce and the vga monitors dont have scan lines and would have to use a CGA to VGA converter plus possibly a SLG3000 to get it close, plus cutting the screen down 6 inches diagonally kinda sucks. Any suggestions? I’m open to more than just the 2 options btw.


You might as well do the W-G monitor. Those converters can introduce a couple of frames of lag.


Definitely stick with the crt unless you don’t mind the extra lag.