Welp, that's that(no more 3S on GGPO)

Ponder actually went through with his promise and pulled 3S off ggpo moments ago. Well, it was fun while it lasted, and all I can say is thank you Ponder for giving us so any years of lagless 3S goodness on our PCs.

3S ggpo R.I.P

Bring on 3S OE…I guess :frowning:

Well it was obvious this was coming since Capcom wasn’t going to have people getting free 3S when they can make money off the console version. Especially when that version is using GGPO as well.

It’s interesting to see GGPO fully realized in a console fighting game. I mean it’s obvious that GGPO is intended to more so hide lag than get rid of it. Basically as long as the connection is close to perfect the rewinds will happen at a speed that you won’t even notice and things will come out basically as smooth as they do offline. I just really like that even if the connection is laggy the only thing you have to really worry about is rewinds. The input delay isn’t as harsh as old netcode even in the poo poo connections.

sad sad day

And this is surprising how? I’m amazed he kept it up for as long as he did, and I’m equally amazed Capcom let him.

The thing is, what if Capcom decides to turn into complete assholes, and tells him to remove all their other games off the program? That would truly be fucked up. What if SNK does it too? May as well take the whole thing down altogether :frowning:

What if Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla resurrect and decide to sue every single person using electricity without any royalties?

Karnov’s Revenge.

shhh quiet you :smiley:

no one plays that game anyways womble. you shouldnt talk about it…