Welsh Coast Warzone 3 - July 17th, Cardiff, South Wales

Following the success of the last tournament this will be one of two tournaments in the next two months. Each tournament will have something special about them which I can’t announce just yet

Unlike the previous event Matt will not be running this with me as he will be home. Sadly this limits us somewhat as he brought along the PS3’s last time. Tom, the owners of the venue also said he wont be able to supply the extra 360’s. I feel last time we had more than enough consoles so I’m sure things will be alright. Unless someone offers to bring a PS3 this will be a 360 based event. But do not panic as I have a spare fightpad and will be able to borrow my stick out.


It will be £10 entry for the tournaments and consoles. This gives you access to casuals, both tournaments entry and a chance to win prize money much like last time.

This is a LAN centre and there will be PC’s avaliable. However it will cost an extra £5 to gain access to them which is paid to the owners of the venue. (Need to confirm this with Tom)

Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament

* Double Elimination tournament with possible Groups stage depending on turnout.

* This is a Bring Your Own Controller event and the staff/organisers are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Your belongings are on your watch, not ours.
* The tournament will be One Character only, if you switch you will be removed from the tournament without ant prizes.

I can and will lend out my stick to those without one but please respect my stick as last time my stick went all over the place. If you want to borrow just ask me.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Details coming soon.

About the center

* Open 1pm to 11pm Monday to Thursday, and 11am to 11pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Cardiff's premier dedicated LAN gaming centre
* Over 3000sqft dedicated gaming space
* The latest High Spec PCs with High Resolution 22" monitors
* Huge, continually updated library of games
* Extremely comfortable chairs
* Chill out area
* Snacks and drinks available
* Lag free gaming and internet access


Check out FB and youtube for photos and videos from WCW2!

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=127965527216659
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/wcwarzone
V-Sync - http://www.vertical-sync.com/

The winners semis, winners finals, losers finals and grand finals will be filmed!

Any queries please reply to this thread, ask on FB or email me at: welshcoastwarzone@gmail.com