Went to E3, Talked with capcom rep


-No future DLC though it was promised
-laughed at the megaman question and said “he was in the other games so we put zero in instead” and tried to change the subject very fast…
-i asked him/her about the megaman in sfvst and why put it in to spite the fans, he/she laughed and changed the subject.
-any hotfixes or anything to the game? no development coming in the near future
-i mentioned how capcoms a shitty company and he/she didnt take offense he/she was used to hearing it and kinda agreed, was kinda funny.
-expect another cc2 colab. with capcom after the success of asuras wrath.
big fan of naruto generations which cc2 did, i know its not balanced but they served the fans at least and its similar to mvc3 with asists n certain things, so id love to see a fighting game from them.


My dad works at Capcom what?


It sounds like he thought you were annoying and wanted you to go away.


I do not remember any promised DLC for Ultimate, and Magamanbabies are probably not taken seriously


Being a representative to a big company is a tough job… even more so when you represent a company whose been having bad publicity lately.

Poor fellow probably held back his true thoughts and feelings on the matter in order to keep his job.


Leave the poor person alone with your shitty Megaman questions.

My uncle works at Nintendo


We’re done here.


I would have called security :-I


I call horsecrap on this entire exchange. Sounds like something you made up because you felt like making a thread to whine and vilify Capcom

If not, then you’re kind of a jerk to be talking to somebody in person like that, and this Capcom “representative” needs to be FIRED if he really responded that way(saying the company he’s representing sucks? How this moron get the job?).

Also i realize many people just enjoy bitching, and while there are plenty of other characters the community would want a lot MORE, Megaman for whatever reason just got picked as the scapegoat for the whiners to get behind. However, at least 45%-55% that complain he is not in the game don’t really care and would main him for all of 20 minutes in training room before resuming their real mainstay characters. Yeah i said it.

Edit: Apologies mods, not trying to flame or anything, just calling it like i see it.


You’re telling me that at the worlds biggest video game PR conference someone actually said their own company was shitty? Yeah you weren’t there at all. Also they never answer those questions if you aren’t media, which you have proven you are quite the nobody. Its not cool to give false information. At least claim its a rumor if you’re going to try and BS everyone.



not false information…not sure if you are in denial or you just dont want to accept it, this exchage happened, he/she was a capcom rep, and after a nice back and forth over fighting games asuras wrath dlc sfvstekken he/she was willing to talk real with me a bit, i felt like sharing the info since i know people actually care. unfortunately Capcom doesn’t…


Is there a reason you keep saying he/she?


Like a rep would spill all Capcom’s business plans for the future…


he/she kinda went on a limb to say what they said, don’t want any possible way of identifying who they were, i know the chances are very slim even with a he or she identifier but why not


yes no dlc for umvc3 anywhere in the near future is all their business plans


Problem is, until you can prove who this person was (or who you are for that matter), your credibility is 0. In addition, the way the Capcom booth was setup, there was no way to talk to anyone unless you waited in line to get those tickets and then again at your designated time wait in line to test out RE6/DMC/Lost Planet 3. If this is true I’d be interested to know, but until you come forth with who you got the info from or who you are exactly (are you media or what?) you really can’t expect us to buy this garbage.


Dude, all of this is such BS. I dont remember them promising anything for UMVC3 past costumes.

Plus, I would laugh at you too for asking dumb ass Megaman questions. Seriously, get over it. Sagat is my favorite Street Fighter character, if SFV comes out, and he is not in it, I am not going to cry about it to Capcom. It is amazing how bad people troll on the internet, but in the last year or so, I see idiots trying to troll people in real life, showing how pathetic these people like you really are.

There is no way in hell a person will admit their company is shitty unless they work at McDonalds or something. So that is probably by far the most obvious thing you made up. Just get your ass off of this forum and do something more constructive with your life, like raking leaves or painting a fence.


i’m a random gamer that got to go to the convention for free through a hookup, yes i waited in line for re6 and i got my ticket in line at 10 am when they started. BUT if you went over to the other wing they had all the same games playable by each company. Microsoft Nintendo and Playstation had their own areas were you could play their games, as well as other games from companies on their platforms. next to each game is a rep from either the platform or the game itself. in this case it was at the street fighter vs tekken area, not only did i talk to the reps in line originally but then i also talked to the reps at the sfvst booths as well. the former stated they were only to discuss resident evil and told me to go the the latter to discuss fighting games and such. which i did, i felt like posting because i as a fan would want to be informed of what the company holds for the future for one of my favorite games. funny thing is i am not a “megaman fanboy” i just asked because i did think it was fucked up to say they would put him in if enough people bought it and then include him as a costume, then to put him into stvt as a degenerated version of him. when i presented facts to the rep he understood my point and agreed that it was handled poorly, and that capcom needed a reform when it came to updates and feedback with their fans and that where they are now is kinda scummy as opposed to where they wish they could be. from this point on i’m okay with you guys not believing me, i have no real reason to try and prove it you, arguing from this point on is a waste of my time and yours. believe me if you want, if not proceed with your lives. i wont lose sleep over it, and im upset with myself that i let it effect me enough to write this post…


also per what i said above…