Wep Zip OTG help?

I really want to learn Spiderman’s web throw combos that mainly rely on the web zip otg.

I’ve been trying this combo:
j.S, c.LM s.H xx Web Throw L, air dash web zip j.H, s.H xx Web Throw M, air dash web zip j.S s.MH Spider Sting/Bite L Hidden Missiles Assist, c.H, j.MMHS, Web Throw H xx Maximum Spider

Sometimes I can do it completely, sometimes they pop out after the first Web Zip j. H, and mostly after the Web Zip j.S. I’ve been practicing this for hours upon hours and yet it still seems like Web Zip only works when it feels like it. It seems that after the web zip I hit them successfully with either j.H or j.S, but once I land they pop out before I can do anything. Is the timing really that strict? What am I doing wrong? Is there any web throw combo I acn use that garuntees consistent success?

Aim for there feet when you zip.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve been whiffing the Web Zip OTG for ages, it’s just so damn unreliable since it’s a small window and they can easily pop out…

However, I was practicing with UMVC3 recently after not playing it for so long and accidentally discovered something. I think I may have found a way that may better serve you to better get into the position and timing for the OTG after a web throw. Usually, people do some combination of airdashing or wavedashing to get into position after a web throw to do the web zip OTG. I’ve done the airdash method for a while, but I’ve noticed that more often than not, I’m slightly too high to keep up the combo on hit before they pop out of it. Instead, I figured out that if you just do a Web Swing H immediately after the web throw and then use the Web Zip OTG right around the end of the swing, you’ll cover enough distance between you and the opponent after the throw and to be close enough to the ground to hit them before they pop out after the OTG. You can time this anyway you want since you can cancel into the Web Zip from any move. I’ve been doing it recently and I’ve had a much larger margin of success. I’m usually TERRIBLE at executing fast Shoryuken-like motions for moves in the middle of combos, but I find it easy to do because of the pause required after a web throw to give me a second of time to do the input. Sure, you whiff a move, but it’s a fairly reliable way of getting the OTG after a web throw and, as long as you keep attacking once you’ve gotten the OTG to work, I find it has a lower chance of messing up.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: