Were all my live heads at! (Xbox Tekken thread)

:arazz: To hell with the George Forman grill! No offense to all you Sony lovers out there.

I would be on the other site posting this but there is a lot of Microsoft hatred “there” lol About two of three years ago I quit the Tekken scene simply because Sony wanted to use us hardcore Tekken heads as bait to purchase that expensive black machine. At the time I would frequent CTF to play the newest installment Tekken DR. Like everyone I was awaiting a console date so I can level up in the comfort of my own home rather than that smelly arcade. (no offense to you arcade lovers out there but home is where the heart is) So what does Sony do instead of PS2 release they put DR on there little black machine. Well thats good news for me I already had a PSP. So, being that I’m an eager bastard I decide to purchase the Japanese ver. because I can’t wait three weeks. I found this to be even more convenient because I can take a crap and practice my EWGF! However tragedy struck, first with the faulty buttons that were unable to take the stress of my play and then finally my PSP broke completely. Then the announcement of a console release came in the form of another disappointment. DR was to be released on the PS3. We all remember when this contraption was $600. At the time I was paying for things the really mattered in life like school and rent. There going to put DR on the PS2 many wished…but they didn’t :sad: So many of my Tekken buds shelled out $600 smackers just for Tekken.

Meanwhile I played it smart and decided to venture off into other fighting games like VF5 when it released on Xbox (online!) and eventually hated Tekken in the process. But like any Tekken addict knows you can always turn your back on a person but never turn your back on a drug. Especially when it’s in the form of Tekken. Now after years of going cold turkey with the game I love it’s back. Now it’s going to be on Xbox for the first time. Now I have no reason true reason to purchase a Forman grill.

So were are all my Xbox Tekken players at!:lovin:

ill be playin once its released