We're Taking in Skullheart OT Refugees and Other Skullgirls Players!


We’re not just a Skullgirls focused group so you get a little more breathing room than SH is offering now. We’re an active group with an active chat, and we do play other games so if you play other stuff then even better. Or if you’re really from OT and you don’t play but just look to have discussions and what not then feel free to join. Just need a chill attitude; salt will happen but please don’t pop your top. Thankfully we don’t get any of that right now. If you’re a new player or a veteran we welcome you. We take to helping out new players to so don’t be afraid to ask someone for questions or a bit of training if you need it. We also have weekly lobbies and soon we’ll even have a monthly tournament. If you just want to jump into the chat room and shoot the breeze feel free to as well.

Give us a look before joining by checking out the chat room. We can answer questions and give you a general feel of the kind of group we are. Hope you enjoy.