Were the forums always like this?

Was srk.com always so anti noob? I just wonder if it’s always been this way. Do the experts really not post here because of the fact that srk is in a “downward spiral” or because there simply isn’t such a big scene as it was back then, hence = less experts.

What do you think it would take to make SRK more information rich?

Is it that there is simply no more information left to find? Is it that no one is finding new information anymore and that the scene is winding down?

I’m curious.

Yeah, SRK has always had that elitist flair towards newbs.

I’d like to say that most of the OG good players left around the high time of SF3. So yeah, basically around the first 2 years of this board, a lot of top players started saying fuck it.

Was it ever really “that good”

Is it really “that bad” now?

I mean did many of the top players like wong, duc do, watson, and such ever really post in depth strategies?

I know viscant did and he doesn’t really do that now, I at least haven’t seem he do so in quite a while (most likely due to him not really being a top player in any of the games he plays? to my knowledge). It’s a shame srk crashed at least then the old shit would still be there.

Trust me compared to how it used to be here, this place is noob friendly now.

Today’s SRK is so friendly it bears little resemblance to what it was like in the first couple of years.

As for strategies being posted… nope, it hasn’t changed that much. When a new game comes out, yup, you’d get a lot of new stuff. The lack of input from top players has a lot of factors behind it.

People got the shit flamed outta them back in the old days, the many noobs that would have bogged down the site with shit were too scared of being taken apart on the textual level.

^^cosign on that shit. I miss the days of the one word snap posts. A thread wasn’t complete until either Zero posted “Idiot.” or soup or man posted “Fag.”

I truly miss those days. Those were definitely good times. I remember when I used to hand out beers to the local noobs.

drinks a beer

But now with beer prices being so high I decided to cut back on giving away beers. I was SRK’s official alcoholic.

starts handing out beers to everyone

What can I say? I love you bastards. You’re all like my third set of children.

gundams roller bladin around and shit =/

Three factors.

  1. No new games to talk about. I could try for CFJ strat discussion but like 7 people would care and 2 of those wouldn’t understand what was going on.
  2. We don’t play games that much anymore. Unless you count poker, in which case about 60% of all the old top players have just simply moved on to a more profitable game.
  3. I hate you all.

–Jay Snyder

I’ll say it again, SRK’s no longer about learning the games. It’s about status. This site’s just a good idea gone wrong. It’s so terrible that I think removing it from the Internet could actually REVIVE 2D fighters.

I’d rather see Inkblot and his crew open a strat guide business. Maybe they’re not that high in demand, but it’s more producive than a forum full of elitists bitching out their asses.

Good players do post, and there’s lots of strategic discussion. It 's in the strategy section. There are a lot of people that only post there.

They’re not “name” players, but they’re almost as good as the guys you see in Tips and Tricks and some better.

No offense dude but tips and tricks isn’t a good magazine for fighting games.

The guys in the strat section aren’t bad but they dont’ contribute alot of new things and I’ve had a low tier thread for mvc2 for a while and no one wants to talk or anything I’ve given up on it really, and to my knowledge that thread is full of potent information and is a excellent starting point for low tier users.

No one really cares, and I can’t find a decent strat in even the top tier char forums.

in terms of strategy, as cluttered and unorganized and as many double posts as there were, the strategy and tactics forum was much better before the overhaul. im not sure if it was the actual overhaul that made it go downhill or just a coincidence that that’s when a lot of good contributing people stopped posting, but yeah.

Truth about the status shit and elitists.

Problem is, it’s not just here…it’s the whole goddamn internet.

EXACTLY!!! 100 percent cosign wit that.

It’s the way it’s being managed. If I had put SRK on the internet, I’d IP ban every single mother-fucker that spammed, trolled and flamed, and grant premium status only to those that cared enough to post new and meaningful stuff everytime. In fact, I’d even eliminate the GD, Fan Fic,… and fuck, even the SF Comic forum.

And this whole reputation point system is stupid.

But the SF Comic forum is awesome though.