"We're through playing around." Juri Combo Thread

Jumping the gun a little bit as well but yeah we can just revive it when the game drops or when we see new footage.

-New trial combos added
-Added a guesstimate of damage on her BnB
-Added combos from the combo exhibition video
-Updated according to MAGUS1234’s findings.
-Added approximate damage values for more combos.
-completely got rid of the old FSE combos that did ass damage.
-Added a bunch of new, interesting stuff.
-Added stun values for almost everything.
-Moved the Super and Ultra combos to the 2nd post so it’s a bit less cluttered.
-Got rid of more unnecessary combos.

Fuhajin (projectile kick) - :qcf: :k:
Shikusen (dive kick) - :qcb: :k: in the air. Can be followed up with two additional kicks.
Senpusha (pinwheel kick) - :qcb: :k:
Kasatushi (counter) - :qcb: :p:
Fuharenjin (Super) - :qcb: :qcb: :k:
Feng Shui Engine (Ultra 1) - :qcf: :qcf: :3p:
Kaisen Dankairaku (Ultra 2) - :qcf: :qcf: :3k:

BnB combos

  1. Cr.lk > st.lp > cr.mk xx EX pinwheel - 224 damage, 310 stun whiffs on crouchers.

  2. Cr.lk x 2 > EX pinwheel - 184 damage, 248 stun.

  3. Cr.lk x 3 > EX pinwheel - 182 damage, 270 stun. Easier to hit confirm, deals more stun.

  4. Cr.lk > s.lk > cr.mk xx EX pinwheel - 224 damage, 310 stun.

  5. Cr.lk > st.lk > cr.mp xx EX pinwheel - 232 dmg, 310 stun.

Counterhit combos :

  1. St.lp/lk -> sweep - 128 damage, 168 stun, untechable knockdown.

  2. Pinwheel FADC st.mp xx HK pinwheel - 257 damage, 274 stun.

  3. F+mk > st.lp > cr.mp xx EX pinwheel - 299 damage, 347 stun.

Highest damaging combos without Ultra

  1. Cr.HP xx EX Pinwheel = 280 damage, 385 stun.

  2. St.lp > cr.HP xx EX pinwheel = 274 damage, 398 stun.

Fuhajin release combos

  1. Cr.mk xx release low fuhajin > sweep 182 damage, 230 damage + untechable knockdown.

  2. Cr.mk xx release low fuhajin > cr.mk xx HK/EX pinwheel - 256/263 (256/284 in corner) damage 340/339 (340/360 in corner) stun.

  3. Cr.mk xx release low fuhajin FADC cr.HP xx HK pinwheel 288 damage, 420 stun.

Focus attack combos

  1. Focus attack level 2 > dash forward > cr.hp xx EX pinwheel - 286 damage, 440 stun

  2. Focus attack level 2 > EX Dive kick > EX pinwheel - 313 damage, 371 stun

Crossup combos

  1. J.mK > cr.hp xx EX pinwheel - 314 damage, 448 stun.

Air-to-Air combos

  1. J.MP > land/cancel EX dive kick -> land EX pinwheel - 330 damage, 314 stun.

  2. J.MP > land EX pinwheel - 230 damage, 235 stun.

  3. J.MP > whatever the hell you feel like (reset) 50+ damage 50+ stun

  4. J.MP > land st.hp xx EX pinwheel - 270 damage, 374 stun.

Dive kick combos

  1. Dive kick (1 hit) > land EX pinwheel - 190 damage, 205 stun.

  2. EX Dive kick > J.Faps - 250 damage, 250 stun, possible unteched knockdown.

**Super Combos

  1. Air-to-air j.Strong > land > St.HP xx lk/mk Super - 446 damage, 250 stun.

  2. Cr.mk xx lk pinwheel xx Super - 416 damage, 140 stun.

  3. Cr.mk xx low fuhajin release xx Super - 406 damage, 150 stun.

  4. J.strong xx dive kick (1 hit) land > Super - 386 damage, 100 stun.

Ultra 2 Combos

1)EX dive kick > Ultra 2 - 520 damage, 140 stun.

  1. J.strong xx dive kick ( 1 hit) > land > Ultra 2 - 421 damage, 100 stun.

  2. Focus attack level 2 > jump EX dive kick -> Ultra 2 - 487 damage, 262 stun.

  3. Anti-air HK Fuhajin -> Ultra 2 - 434 damage, 50 stun. FADC needed mid-screen.

  4. Cr.mk xx low fuhajin release FADC (only needed mid-screen) Ultra 2 - 452 damage, 150 stun.

  5. St.hp trade -> Ultra 2 - 460 damage, 200 stun.

Combos into Feng Shui Engine :

  1. J.mk -> activate FSE st.lk/lp -> go to town.

  2. cr.mk xx low fuhajin release FADC activate FSE -> st.lk/lp -> go to town.

Combos out of Feng Shui Engine

  1. Cr.lk > cr.mk > st.mp > st.hk > cr.hp > EX pinwheel - 363 damage, works anywhere, cr.hp whiffs on crouchers.

  2. F+mk > cr.mk> st.mp > st.hk > cr.hp > EX pinwheel - 413 damage works anywhere, cr.HP whiffs on crouchers.

  3. Cr.lk > s.mp > s.HK > cr.HP > lk pinwheel > FADC > s.lk > s.mp > cr.HP > sweep. 375 damage, untechable knockdown, first cr.hp whiffs on crouchers.

  4. F+MK > cr.mk > st.mp > st.HK > cr.HP > lk pinwheel FADC st.lk > cr.HP > sweep. 403 damage, untechable knockdown, first cr.HP whiffs on crouchers.

  5. Next thing that needs to be looked into for FSE combos is using far standing normals rather than close ones.

I’m quite sure Pinwheel is QCF and the projectile is QCB?

It is quite odd that the super would be QCBx2 when its clearly designed to be a super version of her projectile kick. Either way, stoked to help define Juri combos upon game release!

Yeah it’s kinda weird, and I’m not quite sure myself. The name of the super projectile is Fuharenjin, so I figured the regular projectile would be Fuhajin which is qcf + K. Though I recall reading in Jwong’s blog back in Oct. that it was QCB + K to do the projectile soooo…yeah.

I also thought the pinwheel was QCF + K

Also,Im working on new Juri stick art already, Ill show You all when im done. :smiley: already got purple buttons since i use the same color on my Gen stick art. lol

I’m glad we have this thread. Now I can practice my Juri comb---- oh wait.


Seriously, if holding those projectiles cramps up my hands… I’m gonna drop Juri.

Good to know, I didn’t like it the other way around anyways :smiley:

Also, if someone else need confirmation, this preview proves it: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/super-street-fighter-iv-hands-on?page=2

"Juri was the first SSFIV exclusive that Capcom announced and as an evil Korean Taekwondo master she has a fittingly offensive play-style.

Her specials include the Senpusha wheel kick and the Shikusen triple air kick - whose follow-up hits are amusingly titled 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike."


That last combo is incredibly sexy but I wonder what’s the best way to create a setup to land those combos. Just doing them from afar and hoping to land a hit is far too dangerous, imo. The gears are grinding even harder.

Be sure to be liberal with the silicone grease. Wouldn’t want to wear those gears out now.

low fierce into ex pinwheel does 280. beefy as fuhh

i think using roundhouse pinwheel has the same result.

btw all of juri’s fierce punches are KICKS, will confuse the hell out of you when you push buttons

gdammit i keep ex pinwheeling the posts

What button mapping would you guys recommend to use these combos the easiest for a fightstick? I’m having some trouble using the default layout

seems doable on dualshock3 with just a little dexterity
i can’t wait to try doing them

some normal properties you should know…

  • j.mp juggles for a ground reset move (i recommend st.hk), another j.mp, pinwheel, or ultra 2. it can also cancel into dive kick. great for almost everything – delayed jump-in (think bison’s j.hp), air-to-air, etc.
  • j.hp knocks down grounded opponent, not sure what happens air-to-air
  • cl.st.hp juggles high enough for jab or ex pinwheel, ultra 2 most likely won’t connect
  • st.hk is airborne (aka guy will izuna drop you for sweet damage if you do this to him) i can’t remember if this was close or standing… >_<

some speculations (i didn’t get to use these normals too much)

  • st.mp seems to be an ok anti-air. st.mk is probably better.
  • cl.hp possibly like guile’s cl.hp (directly upwards anti-air)?

play/know cammy? well good, juri on the outside has a lot of similarities to cammy.

  • backdash/forward dash look and feel almost the same. probably the same speed and invincibility (very little for backdash just like cammy)
  • focus attack is very similar. she charges stepping back slightly, and does a circular downward kick motion
  • jump seems similar in height and arc, but juri doesn’t ball up. more difficult to win air-to-air. reaction dive kick air-to-air is not possible as it’s not an instant move… yet again same as cammy
  • j.hk has good reach and thus good for air-to-air, but juri doesn’t kick as high (leg is facing slightly downwards)
  • cr.hk sucks in terms of reach and priority. startup is so-so and recovery is just not good

oddball properties/misc

  • ALL OF JURI’S HP MOVES ARE KICKS. i can’t stress this enough. you WILL be confused. no, your TE buttons are mapped correctly. it’s just the character.
  • SHE THROWS WITH HER LEG. throw whiff animation will show that she hooks the leg she’s holding up in her flamingo stance slightly like a fly swatter or something. range is not as great as it looks.
  • juri’s walk is acceptably fast, but it’s rather confusing because she stands completely = no fighting stance, she walks casually with one hand on her waist. and doesn’t seem to move far enough. this combined with her throw range makes tick throw rather difficult. in other words, it is retardedly obvious that she’s walking towards you. get ready to eat option select low short.

i will update if i can get to play more before i snag the legit copy =P

RH Pinweel Kick - 4 Hits for 140 dmg

EX Pinweel Kick - 6 Hits for 180 dmg.

The listed highest damaging combo without ultra ‘Cl.HK into EX pinwheel kick’ does not work for both hits of HK, without Feng Shui Engine you can cancel only the first hit of cl.HK, and that combo’d into EX pinwheel kick does a measly 220dmg. The highest damaging combo I’ve found without ultra in that kind of situation is cr.HP>EX Pinwheel kick for 280dmg.

@devine: The best anti-airs for Juri I have found is from mid to far range st.HP, from mid-to-close range is cr.HP. If opponent tries to cross up, cr.HP, or j.mp.

st.mp and st.mk are poor anti-airs and easily stuffed. Also had success some success with cr.mp as anti-air crossups.

Ah second hit doesn’t cancel? Alright cool thanks game I’ll go fix that.

good thread :rock: