Were you a 90s gamer? flash audio quiz game


Figure out the games by the music

Someone posted this on Gaf and I figured this would be nice to share with the SRK brethren.


man, my adolescent and early teen years were of the golden age era, and I only knew a few of these. wtf.


I gave up with 39 right. I figured out 19 without hints.


The song in the top right sounds like Swedish House Mafia holy shit


It’s an Audio quiz, probably should reference that in the title.

I can’t touch this until I’m at home on my computer, I have a crappy computer here with piss-poor front audio jacks, and headphones that won’t give me enough slack on the back jacks to listen to anything on my computer and not look like i’m trying to self-fellate.

  1. some of those I had no clue what they were…a couple I know what they are, but it wont accept my answer (Super Punch Out and WWF Royal Rumble)


I got 37/93 with and without hints.

Weird how the game doesn’t accept RoboCop


This dumb game made me miss Toe Jam and Earl…

Imma need to look for this game… I hope it’s as good as I remember…


Funny how I played some of these random Disney games, but no common RPGs. I got 17 without hints. 40 total with hints. I have no idea wtf some of these games are even w/ screenshots.

fyi you get free hint points after awhile.


With those you need a hyphen (in the case of Super Punch Out) or the title is one word. The WWF game was Monday Night Raw not RR.


I got about half of them.

I flipped shit when I heard Ducktales.


24 without hints. 46 with hints. 48 If it would count Robocop and I didn’t remember the where to put the hyphen in acrobat.

I feel like if I owned a SNES it might have helped I grew up with a Genesis.

Edit: 47 with hints.


I got 30 of them without hints and 52 with hints.


Lol, I knew the Lion King game right away.


Damn, I didn’t know a lot of these.


5th column 4th row from the top left

I have the game
I know the whole song
But I cant name it
I cant sleep until I figure this out.
It’s 6 am

edit just clicked for pic
i dont remember how to spell game i quit this game is bad thats why i couldnt beat it


i flipped when i heard dynamite headdy


84/93. I used hints on a lot of the SNES games, and got most of the Genesis stuff correct with one guess. A couple hours of my life I’ll never get back


33/93 with hints. I hadnt a SNES though. Just an NES and Gameboy till the early 90s
Title should be “were you a SNES gamer?”

I had a PC at that time. No Jazz Jackrabbit theme eh?


I got 11 without hints…then realized I was almost late for my meeting and quit…