Were you disappointed by Ono announcements at ComicCon?

A few days ago Ono posted on his twitter

So this is a pretty simple poll, were you disappointed by him. Yes or No. If you wanna explain your decision, feel free to comment on it.

This is a poorly worded poll that shows bias.
“How do you feel about Ono’s Comic-Con Announcements” would be better. Perhaps with three options: “Positive,” “Neutral,” and “Negative.”

He announced 3rd strike online even though he said it wasn’t going to happen so no I’m psyched.

Well I wouldn’t say he sucks but otherwise yes, he said nothing about SSF4 PC version or DLC characters, and I hate ‘vs’ games, don’t understand their appeal.

Ono’s trash, but I’m excited to see what SFxTekken brings to the table!

SSFIV characters: Lame cocktease.

SSFIV costumes: Lame. They should just put good characters into IV instead of adding new hats to the ones they chose. Plus the costume they showed sound lame.

No Darkstalkers: Lame.

3S Online: I already have 3S online via GGPO (Probably better netcode than what they’ll use…). They could have at least shown media and confirmed whether or not it would have anything new or changed. I’ll buy it anyway because I’m a fanboy :(. Cautiously optimistic.

SFxTK and TKxSF: Terrible. Should have been VFvsTK and SFvsMK or at least CvS3. SFxTK looks just like SFIV with Tekken characters, but somehow even looks worse. Like pre SFIV vanilla arcade release looks.

Really biased poll is really biased. :confused:

Yes but only because he didn’t announce Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.

Why were people expecting a darkstalkers announcement at an event called “street fighter panel” o.O

I got over the legendary troll tease regarding new SF4 characters as soon as I heard about SF V Tekken and saw the clips, now I’m psyched, Capcom!

Uh, can I get a neutral? Hate the SF X Tekken announcement, but it’s offset by SF3:3S (My comp sucks, can’t play it on GGPO, otherwise I would). Wasn’t expecting Darkstalkers or SSFIV Characters because I actually used my head. So yeah, neutral.

I’m overall neutral about it. SF vs Tekken / Tekken vs SF is a talking point if nothing else (I don’t really care much about it at the moment, though I’d have preferred Capcom vs Namco / Namco vs Capcom).
3rd Strike I’m fairly neutral about as I did little more than dabble in it during it’s hey-day.
The lack of Darkstalkers doesn’t bother me as I’ve never had the honour of playing the series.

The only real dissapointment outside of it being series vs instead of company vs, was that they didn’t tell us anything about the new SFIV chars. Not that I’d care about most of them, I just want a female grappler, whether it’s R.Mika or Karin (I doubt we’ll see Karin, just throwing her in there for completeness)

He doesn’t suck but I’m disappointed.

I came twice while watching the trailers (Street Fighter X Tekken that is)

So no, I’m not disappointed.

Now I could give to drops of rat piss about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 anymore. And new costumes for SSFIV? Ok…I can dig it, I want another alt. for Juri…and 3rd Strike Online? Yea…I just came again.

Today was a good day :slight_smile:

I’m disappointed at this thread…:coffee:

I creamed my pants when I saw the tag ultras.

New poll:

“Are you an ungrateful bitch who will say you are disappointed by a game and then steal it?”


Ono is awesome, but yeah his announcements sucked. Especially with no new Darkstalkers

And SF3 coming to XBL/PSN has been long overdue.

Not disappointed at all.