Werewolf in Thailand. Its real

Sensationalized title. I know.

Let’s see SRK’s fabled Yellow Fever deal with that. Can we replace Pat Morita in drag with this thing?

This isn’t new.

i’m sure there’s ppl on srk into bestiality who would not be afraid to hit it

i feel sorry for her though, good for her for being positive

I admire her positive attitude. Good for her.

That ain’t no werewolf.
I know a wookie when I see one.

Funny that she wants to be a doctor because there are plenty of labs in which her hair would be a health/safety hazard. It’s good that she’s cool with that shit now, but she ain’t a teenager yet, and hasn’t tried to start dating. That’s when that optimism is going to be put to the test. Imagine the look on a dude’s face when one of her girlfriends tries to set her up on a blind date and THAT starts walking towards him.

Ditto. That’s a frickin’ wookiee.

“Peace was never an option.”

i bet head from her would REALLY tickle your balls. And your anus. And your knees.

The only thing that hairy that’s ever allowed to come near my dick are my balls.

Look at her. If she wants to fuck you, I don’t think she takes “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO!!!” for an answer.

any pics of her shaved?

This isn’t new to anyone who has watched daytime TV in their life.

Roy Nelson’s daughter?

I’ve watched JAV, I don’t see the problem here. Same amount of hair, different body part.

I bet shell grow up to be an animal in the sack

Comments like these cheer up my day, thank you SRK.

If she ends up with smoking body we can safely say there is no god, and you can bet your ass I will be finding a cure if she ends up with a .7 waist to hip ratio and some double D’s.

Dude, she’s pure asian. Move on. The only curves she’s gonna develop is a gut from trying to eat away the misery her condition causes her cuz men will fear her and other women will talk about her behind her back. Mai Shiranui and Chun Li can’t happen in real life without either surgery or some genes from more physically “robust” ethnicities. Hentai is fantasy.