Werid bugs on ccc2


i was doing some movie like sonic boom or something and it yells cammy’s TWIST KICK

background music is different and shittier for some stages, most notably guile’s stage.

i have NEVER played on claw/boxer/sagat/dic’s stage

1/3rd the time its T hawk’s stage

half of the music sometimes shuts off in deejay stage and t hawks

ive gotten sim’s stage like twice


It was emulated, that should be explanation enough.

I don’t remember ever being able to have a random selection go to one of the bosses stages.

The error I’ve gotten recently was the game screwing up in vs. mode. Me and my buddies buttons would either stop working, do other attacks, or just randomly glitch, VERY annoying, we’re forced to play in 1P and just continue etc.

Love that 1 point for continuing.


Since the CCC2 version is an emulation of the arcade, the lack of bosses’ stages is normal. In arcade ST, the stage chosen is always the stage of whoever the next CPU opponent was supposed to be. Since you always fight the bosses last, their stages wouldn’t come up until you’ve beaten enough CPU oponents to get to them.

The sound issues are bugs in the porting/emulation process, it would seem.