Werid stuff going on with my AE file

Ok so I just got AE again and I went to play it. Now I had to make a new profile a while back because my old one get corrupt but that was fine. Now I save the game to my new profile and the the little dlc window popped up and started to check for dlc. Then it said that it failed to download dlc or something. So I just hit ok and went on to download AE back to my 360 but I ended up already having both the AE file and my old Costumes, i can even play on line with AE but it keeps saying that my Data is corrupt for some reason. I reloaded the game but the same thing happened. I even deleted my save files(not all of them just the one to Save the game data) and started over again, but got the same results, I also said that I would have to pay to download AE even though its on my hard drive. Any help?