Wes Craven, Horror Maestro, Dies at 76



Just read this, this is heart breaking.

Some of my all time favorite horror films were Wes Craven works.

R.I.P. master of horror, may you provide endless creative terror in the next world.




Just read about it, really shitty news.



This is a damn brutal sunday. First Oliver Sacks and now this, shit is fucking crazy. Freddie Kruger is still one of the most brilliant things in horror.


Damn 2015 making sure it takes all the treats right before Halloween!


Damn…isn’t it always cancer?


Didn’t realize Wes Craven was so accomplished outside of the “Nightmare” films…

A truly great film mind has been lost to us.


Damn…RIP Craven.
Gave me nightmares as a kid.




RIP to this legend. Also he loved the black community so he defo was one of the rare ones.



RIP, he wrote and directed a lot of my favorites growing up.

2 favorites he directed that completely missed some people, one that completely missed a generation.

Contrary to that gif, cursed has the third best looking werewolves in a movie ever imo. First is vanhelsing, followed by underworld, then cursed. Other scenes have better werewolf scenes, that one was just funny. lol




(As I already said in the lounge and at least one previous celebrity death thread this year, 2015 can burn already.)

I wasn’t aware he had brain cancer, though that’s not surprising since I don’t follow celebrity news at all. Still, that’s a rather horrible way to go.

May he rest in peace.

…There’s so much I want to say about what I put in bold (even though I just realized you said “best looking”, not “best”), but instead I’ll just agree with you that Cursed is quite the good movie in general, especially among werewolf movies. It struck a rare balance between having the werewolf aspect be genuinely threatening while also still having fun with the subject in question when it could. Most other werewolves are pretty through-and-through dead serious and thus often far more down-beat, which normally doesn’t bother me–it was just nice to have a good fun one rather than one that’s purely dark comedy at best like Dog Soldiers.


Wow…where should I begin to start with my fascination with Wes Craven. Firstly, let me say RIP to one of the greatest Horror movie creators of ALL TIME. Your legacy will continue to scare many for an age to come.

Now, back to me. When I was growing up, I remember an older cousin showing me Freddy Krueger when I was a child. Needless to say, he scared the life out of me. But when I hit my teens, I gained a tad bit more courage and I was able to actually watch and enjoy a whole NOES movie. Yes, there was a decline in the NOES series, but Wes’ creation, Freddy Krueger was just so awesome to me. Hell, I even wanted to buy MK just to main him.

Now please don’t let me see you in my nightmares…

Goodbye, Wes Craven :frowning:



First Christopher Lee, then Dusty, then Roddy, and now Wes Craven?!

2015 can go to hell. Seriously you are hitting all of my fandoms hard.

RIP, Wes Craven will be missed and his impact on the Horror genre and film in general will always be regarded fondly. I think this is a good week to go back and watch NOES with a beer or two.




Patricia Arquette as well


Motherfucker made me so scared with his movies when I was a kid I pissed my pants. Watching the first elm street movie while I was a kid=no sleep for me for days.

Loved him since then. RIP.

Looks like 2015 ain’t done yet.


I remember being obsessed with the Nightmare movies for a while when I was a kid, another one of the best has passed on.



are you out of your fucking mind?

Howling, American Werewolf in London, Dog Soldiers

I like Vampire in Brooklyn, but that’s probably because I still believe in Eddie Murphy.