Wes-Invitational Round Robin Tourney Results

Top 4:

  1. Jay ytwojay Son - Venom/Cable/Doom || Sent/Strider/Doom
  2. Justin JustinK K - Gambit/Morrigan/SonSon
  3. Wes Blockable Laser Wes - Sent/Storm/Capcom || Tron/Cammy/IronMan
  4. Todd Todd vs Todd Jenny - Mag/Cable/Psy

I’d like to thank Wes for his hospitality and warm drinks. Convex buttons for life.

Tournament Highlights -
Todd vs Todd blazing through his first tournament to get 4th place. Watch out for this kid at Evo, because he doesn’t even need to be hungry to win. This kid eats for fun.
JustinK beasting all over Wes’ face, after Wes talked massive amounts of trash about JustinK and his used-panty fetish. Don’t ask.
Busting out my insane Dr. Doom skills and surprising JustinK during finals. I was going to save Doom for evo, but I didn’t think my MSP was going to cut it, so I had to let the good doctor out of his proverbial bag.

Thanks to everyone for showing up, and thanks again to Wes for holding this tournament. Hope to see you guys again next year.

y2j is way too good :eek:

that’s cause he’s japanese. HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

you guys held an invitational and didn’t let me kno? :mad:

Maybe cuz they dont like you Kaising?

Maybe cuz you are GAY:lol:

Nice comeback. They didn’t invite you cuz im gay. Did your mom help you with the spelling? You know what? At least people I know would invite me to a tournament. Apparently your ‘friends’ are purposely trying to avoid you.

Dude, do you even know us? My original post was a joke and nothing more cuz I already knew the round robin they threw was a last minute decision while they were getting some casual on the side. Go ahead and keep sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, regency scrub cuz we all know you don’t have any friends yourself. Oh yeah, and Justin sent me a video of what happened. This is what they said.

Wes: Hey, should we invite KaiSing?
Jay: Umm… maybe it’s not such a good idea cuz that RickJames guy is gay.
Todd: Too true. Top-gayer for life.
Justin: yeah, maybe we’ll invite KaiSing after RickJames becomes less gay.

I’m sorry. You didn’t have to make me sound gay by editting the conversation. We both know it went more like:

Wes: Hey, should we invite KaiSing? (he says sarcastically)
Jay: No, he makes the sticks all smily from all the lotion on his hands.
Todd: Yeah, he never washes his hands after jacking off.
Justin: Fuck that guy. He grabs my ass way too much.

I didn’t want to post that. But you and your editting.

and you just proved my point. interesting imagination you have. But i guess that’s the type of shit that could only be imagined by a homo who’s closest thing to companionship are his imaginary friends and his shall we say “special” fantasies of the Irvine marvel players like you’ve just revealed. :rolleyes: