Wesker bulls**t



Okay… firstly I’m new to this forum and forums in general, and I don’t exactly know all the fighter Lingo but I had to join to get this point across. here goes…

I am good at this game. Damn good. I play wolvie, D.pool and Skrull.
my friend who I usually own plays shuma, dormammu and sentinel

he has however recently joined the wesker noobs in putting him on his team to rack up wins.
However people get confused. Its not so much wesker is “OP” in terms of health or damage. Just some of his moves are actually full of shit.
my friend isnt the type like my self to rack up a 300 hit combo… so he has to resort to this horrible tactic that seems to be unbeatable…

the team consists of Wesker on point, Sentinel, and anyone else because it doesnt matter…

Wesker from the off calls in Sentinel force assist and KEEPS on using the samurai edge “teleport - shot” move. and just doesn’t stop.
My main gripe with this is all it takes is to be able to hold forwards and mash B…if you jump in the air he’ll grab you because hes already mashing B… It’s not like he had to think “shit he’s jumped, best grab him” tactics… he’s just simply mashing B and calling an assist constantly. Its just so hard to get in on him. I hate the fact that I have to really think about what im doing, concentrate and use skill, combos, ways to get in. and he is just MASHING B!!!

anyway, I was playing against my brother who i made use said team ^^^ and do the same thing to practiceif getting around it. Don’t get me wrong, I do get lucky sometimes as it is a high reward high risk attack +assist, but he beat me a fair few times, not bad for someone who has probably played the game 5 times and never used that team??

SO!!! it came to my brothers head (who also agreed what he was seeing on the screen was bullshit) for him to play against someone online with that team… he has never won a single online battle and is totally stock at this game. doesnt know combos and had never played that team before ^^ other than the 10 minutes of training he just had.he thought, “okay, if I can beat someone online, then its totally broken”

He goes up against a 9th lord Nova , Hawkeye and Cap. who I have played before and hes awesome… My bro does said cheap wesker attack + Sent assist… WINS THE GAME!!!
baring in mind this guy had one of the best Novas I’d ever seen. My bro just mashed the fuck out of B and held forwards and called sents assist… that was it… no skill…
so basically, Its not a case of wesker being OP… its a case of him simply having moves too easy to execute… why do i have to use skill and a reverse shoryuken shape to teleport with my deadpool, who can only use it twice before i have to reset it my causing damage to myself… but wesker can just tap B… something a 5 year old child could do…
I agree there are some whinging people about wesker, I dont have a problem with him as a whole, there are ways around every character… but this assist and attack? its just silly. and people say “you should change out one of your team for someone with a Beam assist” etc… why should I? why do I have to change what is a solid amazing team because someone wants to be scrubby with an awful tactic. or people say “well if it works so well why dont you use it”… thats not the point! I have to change my tactics, combos I know like the back of my hand and characters I am awesome with because someone decided oh, I can get wins with this noob team by mashing B. It takes the fun out of the game and ruins UMVC3 for me. Dont nerf wesker… just make it so he has to use a hadouken stick input then tap B twice to shoot and teleport, something, ANYTHING a little more taxing to the brain than simply mashing B!! its far too simple…
The only good thing about it is people are so busy mindlessly mashing B that they usually leave their defense open and are not blocking… but getting past them sent drones is silly…seriously, get a friend who hasnt played this game to use that team and do said ^^ scrubby tactic… you will find it so hard to get around them. It’s ridiculous.

aaaaaaand breathe :stuck_out_tongue:

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grab after he finishes teleporting, full screen hyper on reaction to Sentinel being called, block the bullet and punish him during recovery. Of all the things Wesker can do, bullet > teleport is one of the least threatening because of how telegraphed it is. Assist call > raw teleport is infinitely more likely to catch you unaware.


hmmm yeah i do try these but its hard to grab him with the sentinel drones right in your face. I sometimes open up straight with deadpools trigger happy hyper and catch wesker and sent by suprise… but then he just starts it all over again and im meter-less, and cant get close to build anymore meter! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s good to see that modesty is not dead :stuck_out_tongue:

Use Wolverine’s divekick more. Sentinel’s drones stop coming out if he gets hit, and if you hit Wesker as well, you can combo into Fatal Claw and then go into Deadpool’s super for a stupendous amount of damage. One attack of that nature and Sentinel is dead with a low health Wesker on point.

Deadpool’s Trigger Happy L is also useful as he crouches under Wesker’s gunshot. Hit him and you can cancel it into Happy Happy Trigger, and possibly hit Sentinel in the process.

Anyway, if all he does is shoot and teleport, he’s more or less asking you to hyper combo him in the gaps between gunshots and drones.




Idk but if you are having this much trouble with said tactics maybe you are not as good as you think you are.


cheers for the advice mate, never thought of D.pools lower trigger happy to get under weskers shot. i suppose that then happy trigger and id take him and sent. then maybe keep spamming with trigger happy L until i get some meter and repeat until sent is dead, then a low health wesker on his own is a piece of cake!! :slight_smile:


>Can’t beat Wesker mashing B with drones assist.


nah mate, I’m pretty good. not the best but pretty darn good! point is is that my friend is not very good, and knows it… so went this team and now wins most of the time. my brother who has never won an online match and probably played the game 10 times, to prove how lame his team was, played this team and beat a much more advanced player 1st try.
I’m not doing the usual rant at wesker, i think hes great and not overpowered in health terms at all, I just cant get round this scrubby tactic. serious man just try it yourself, you dont even have to know which way you are pointing because even if you fuck up the direction you will grab or kick then carry on. its more of a point that I have to put in so much effort and think of plans tactics, join a forum to help me out with this tactic ^^ while the wesker sent player mashes B. he has started this new team because it gets him wins, simple as, even though he hates using wesker. I have a tournament coming up and need a way around it, Im hoping antstyles info might just help.


I plainly concur.


I can beat it. it’s just damn hard. and not guaranteed. I hve a tournament coming up and need a definate way around this. like i say its just annoying that this guy switched out his team solely because he couldnt win. he even hates using this tactic because he knows its scrubby, but knows it could win him the tourney.


If you don’t know how to deal with Wesker using Wolverine you can’t possibly be that good.


could both of you please give me some advice rather than just "lol"ing. there isn’t no need to be stuck about anything. just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or has anyways around it


I can deal with wesker using wolverine… easy. really easy. its wesker with the sentinel drones and the samurai edge teleport im having trouble with.


the point is im not saying its impossible to beat him. its just annoying that someone can pick this team up with no experience and get wins using this tactic and need some help around it… ok admittedly i didnt ask for help in the first post, sorry for that i was a bit salty! so does anybody have anymore tactics around this? if you are not sure on the wesker/sent crap im on about, just give it a go yourself… yes its not 100% win but it makes a shitty player who cant pull of combos or even a simple shoryuken shape able to win


i can honestly say, if anyone at the tournament has any sort of talent at the game, Wesker assist > gun > port isn’t going to get him anywhere. you simply cannot use the same attack over and over and expect it to work for any more than 2 repetitions. that’s about all the time it’s gonna take for someone to adjust and punish accordingly.


1: Wesker B doesn’t air throw Option Select.
2: Wolverine can maul Wesker from the beginning, kill him in one combo (with X-Factor, since he’s the character giving you trouble), next character comes into a Welcome Mixup and is, if he doesn’t block, dead.
3: Skrull Orbital Grudge Assist has 1 point of armor, if I remember correctly, and should be enough to keep Wesker off of you, with timed assist calls.
4: Wesker’s H. Teleport is most definitely punishable by an air-grab timed correctly. If he’s teching, you’re doing it too late. If that’s ALL he’s doing, it should be easy to predict.
5: You’re probably not that good if you haven’t arrived to these solutions by now, as others have told you in this thread.





sounds like you need to play more. you’re not taking a lot of your options into account.


you need to learn to jump and block to close the gap. Wolverine within spitting distance of wesker is a dead wesker when you DIVEKICK! - So - you put yourself within distance, your friend attempts his bullcrap. You respond - divekick (interrupt attack) LSMMHS OTG Assist S MMHS - Tada, lots of damage for free!