Wesker Option Select



Hey Wesker players. I decided to pick Wesker back up again as a sub for my Captain America team. But anyway, this post isn’t to introduce myself. I think that I found a really interesting option select that can stop people from jumping and pressing buttons or pressing buttons in general when Wesker tries to command grab. I call this option select the Anti-Helm Breaker, because it slaughters almost all of Vergil’s options from Helm Breaker besides teleport up and launch, but it also has its practical uses, at least on Doom, Spencer and alot of mashers.

The Option Select

Buffer command grab, press L, then plink M and H. Should look like: HCB L ~ M+H, M+H

Requires one meter.

Yep that’s it. Once you get the timing, its fucking free.

What does it look like/How will I know if I do it right?

If you are out of command grab range, you will get counter super. If you are in range, you will get command grab. If you are still in block stun, you will get a pushblock.
Best way to tell if you do it right is by looking at your inputs. Literally, its suppose to look like HCB LMM

Why is this option select good?

Wesker’s major flaw is that its hard stop buttons due to his mediocre frame traps and his counter super not being strike invincible on start up (at least IMO). Also if you miss command grab, you are in trouble from an air attack. This basically allows Wesker not only to lower the risk of the opponent jumping and pressing buttons, but you can also use it to grab/super counter out of people’s frame traps or pressure that have a large enough gap (risky stuff though), while getting a pushblock if you are still in block stun.

Though this option select has some great uses, it is potentially dangerous to people jump and don’t do anything. You can get majorly punished. I recommend you only do this if you got a good read on the player, like you know for a fact that he presses buttons or jumping and pressing buttons in the air and that he will never learn. I also recommend you have 2 or more meters so you can DHC to something safe like devil trigger, swords, photon array, etc.

Practical Uses

Against Vergil, after Helm Breaker, alot of mediocre Vergils that don’t know no better with either go for another helmbreaker, or press buttons after that. If they helmbreaker and you perform the option select, it will grab them out of buttons or super counter them if they go for another helmbreaker. If they launch after helmbreaker, you will get the pushblock, so you might be able to punish Vergil for going for the launcher follow up.

More coming soon.

Let me know what you guys think.


This looks good im going to see if you can get more maybe with spencer doom beam or any other stuff good job btw