Wesker OTG Questions


Can somebody give me advice on how to consistently land the otg shot after cr.LMH L.phantom punch? I dash in but sometimes miss the shot despite being in the proper position.

Also, can Wesker’s super be done after his otg (i.e. LMHS MMHS otg hyper)?


Most of the time, you’ll have to dash cancel twice to cover ground for the OTG with Samurai’s Edge. Which can be done by tapping forward twice (dash), cancel with crouch, and then dash again but perform Samurai’s Edge before the dash animation is finished. You’ll notice Wesker sliding while pulling out his pistol. This process is also called “wave dashing” if done repetitively.

But to answer you second question, after Wesker’s Air Series I press both assists buttons (given I only have 1 bar) after OTG. He’ll perform Phantom’s dance by himself…

But if you’re looking for more information check out this Sub Forum… http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?forums/wesker.92/

There’s always new info and ideas being posted… Good luck!


Thanks for the great advice! With that in mind, is it better to dash with the stick as opposed to using two attack buttons? I always thought using the stick dash was less effective.


The two attack buttons are actually a bit easier as well better to use… I forgot to mention that… :smiley:

But, no problem bro. Glad I can help.


i would say to view the assist me featuring wesker from Max good overview on the character wesker assuming you haven’t.