Wesker/Sentinel VS Dormmamu (not a match up question...)

Hi guys,

I am quite decided on Nemesis (point; slam), Sentinel (drones) and Wesker (Anchor, low shot) as my main team. I recently spent some time in the training lab as Dormm and I have to say; I like him ^_^.

Thoughts on Dormmamu as a 2nd character (replacing Sentinel) or Wesker (replacing Wesker)?

Admittedly, I’m most comfortable using Nemesis and I’m already getting the hang of Wesker, although I focus more on raw damage from simple combos with minimal chances of dropping instead of aiming for resets or 50/50’s. My Sentinel? I get by just doing quick j.h>l.rocket punch quick pressure. Oh, and Sent’s c.m>launcher is quite fun. :smiley:

Anyhows, what are your thoughts if I am to swap either Sentinel (2nd character) or Wesker (anchor) for Dormmamu? Does Dorm have a steep learning curve compared to Sent, Wesker, Doom or even Strider?

Thanks :smiley:


Dorm does good with Wesker’s otg, watch matches of MastaCJ and you’ll see how beastly Dorms combos can be with a simple otg assist. Dorm is prob best as 2nd so he can come in with meter to punish ppl with, but he can also do well on point or as anchor once u get better.

The main stuff to learn to get good is charging up your lvl 3 spells in combos or while zoning and how to tri jump/dash(during flight) to keep his mobility up.