Wesker's back teleport gains twice the distance in xfactor level 4



Am I the first person to discover this strange tech? While messing around in training mode i disovered that Wesker’s M ground teleport carries you backwards nearly full screen while in xfactor level 3, glasses off. I don’t see the point of this, as no Wesker with glasses off, level three xfactor is going to make much use of this.

I think his other teleports may gain extra distance, but if thats the case its not very noticeable. Possible uses for this tech?


L teleport xx M teleport xx L teleport xx Mustang Kick


perhaps M teleport xx Mustang Kick xx M teleport xx Mustang kick - repeat until opponent asks what the hell you’re doing


Well don’t teleports get treated as very fast movement(which it would be in Wesker’s case) and not instant displacement. So it would make sense with the speed boost.


If that’s the case though, shouldn’t Wesker’s other two teleports also get fullscreen-er? Are those treated as instant displacement and the M version movement?


A better question would be how the hell he performs those moves in the air.<br>