Weskers command throw, Cr.M questions

Alright. So I really want to start incorporating Weskers command grab into my game but it seems everytime I try I either whiff I get hit with a combo for trying. Any tips on setups for his command grab? some info would be nice so I can hit the lab and trt coming up with mixups on my own.

Now…for his Cr. M. What exactly is the timing on Weskers Cr.M after the otg shot? What visual cues do you guys use to land the move?

For the Cr. M after the OTG, the visual cue your looking for is when Wesker is putting the gun back into his jacket. For the command grab you first want to get you opponent used to getting hit by block strings. So when you run up to them they just block and then you can grab, i.e. mix up. You can also kara-throw with it. Just type in “Wesker Kara throw” into youtube and you’ll see it.

Gotchu. Thanks for the tip :smiley: