West Coast Kaillera Servers


Are there any west coast kaillera servers up? I do searches and I don’t see any. Is some IP I can enter manually? Thanks!


not anymore :frowning:


West Wonderland came back!! :slight_smile:


yeah it did! get at me for some threes 8)


Where are all the damn central servers?! I live in San Antonio Fucking Texas, Yeah, I can play at both coasts, but never with a 20 or lower ping, except DaRoms, which is ass.

And wtf did my GW ping spike to 80 from 50?!

And yeah, I’ve heard that WW is back up.


Ip for West Wonderland is


Thanks for the replies!


Server location: Los Angeles, California
You can also use netherrealm.us as the IP
Name: Netherrealm


Edited: IP Address changed, server moved San Jose -> LA