West Coast PSN 3S Players


where you at? i’m trying to get some great games in.




My PSN name is Duralath. But you already knew that. [/Alberto Del Rio]


psn gkr01

BC canada



playing from HI. Get at me.


Internet going to be installed next Tuesday, ill hopefully have a capture card by then too, let’s record some games neiman.


Im on da west coast and I already have a capture card.


psn: DMAmul

add me! hopefully with west coast peeps I can keep the ggpo delay to 0 without hella rollbacks :slight_smile:


0 is never recommended, regardless of where you live unfortunatly. Good to see you’re still around ken!


Yo damn it’s like this is directed at me

PSN is IllusionofSafety, I play Remy like it’s SF4 Guile




Been a while since I posted here but this game brought me back!

PSN: Duke_of_Ted
Vancouver, Canada