West Coast Qualifiers for the unofficial 5 on 5

I’ve decided to run this qualifier due to the bedlam that is the other proposition.

Here’s how its going:

Chris S is the captain and gets an automatic spot

1st place at evo west gets an automatic spot

1 or 2 tournaments will take place at evo west where either a) 1st and second get spots on the team or b)1st place of two seperate tournaments gets a spot

the last spot, if need be, will be held in seattle (not sure if this is the best idea), but if top-players believe that they give the west a great chance to win then so be it.

If spots over lap (i.e. evo west champ also wins one of the side tournaments) then a round robin will be held with the top 5 from evo west + the top 3 from the 1 or two tournies. Making it a 7-9 man round robin. Alternatively, this could be the way the 5th spot is determined if seattle is not given their own spot.

Everyone can earn up to FOUR chances to make the team: evo west, side tourney one, side tourney two, round robin. I don’t see any downfalls to this method. It rewards tournament play and allows for people to have plenty of chances to compete for a spot. Whether or not this is fair, is not up to me, but its the most diplomatic way of doing this since people do not want to give out spots.

If I come to evo west and get 1st, does that mean im part of team WC ?

it’s serious!!!

have fun

i love it

haha chris s.

jagga pleez

You are to good in mvc2 sir much respect.


My g/f in sixth grade used to sing this song to me LOLOL

Potter for team WestCost easy…

No regional events this year. Whats the plan now?

I love the cockyness hahaha

He can then lose the match on purpose to the East Coast.

Sabotage haha.

We should send Justin, Yipes, Sanford, Brandon, and Eric to the West Coast and have them win to be Team West Coast so they could forfeit to the East Coast.

The thought of that happening is just funny.




some of the most sincere LOL’s i ever seen.