West Coast SF3:TS tournament -- maybe delayed?!?

UPDATE4: It’s on! Tommorow (saturday 8th), we have a new IP (because my old server farked)

UPDATE3: Server is kinda flaking. Not my fault! I’m doing everything i can to fix it. If you guys can’t connect then the tournament will basically be delayed until next week. i’m real sorry about this. I’m doing everything I can right now.

UPDATE2: brackets are up http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=239781&tclass=Street%20Fighter%203rd%20Strike You can still sign up to be a backup player I think.

UPDATE: oops, sat 25. is evo. tourney will be september 1st. deadline to register is august 31st.

We’re hosting an online third strike tournament on West Wonderland ( SEPTEMBER 1st.

Full details:

full thread with player listing over at http://ugs19797.atlasservers.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=33&pid=208 sign up over there as well.

Please DO NOT PM me if you want to join this tournament. I’m not the host, only the server owner. ONLY email me (chippermonky at gmail dot com) if you’re having trouble registering on the site and i’ll try my best to get your registered (not easy because I’m in China right now).

i’ll try and keep this thread updated as well.

hope to see you all there.

:(, well we’re allowing p2p kaillera here so maybe that’ll work out.

Tourney during evo?:lol:

Tourney Update

Ok update the tourney will now be hosted next, next Saturday which is September 1st because we didn’t realize that we were hosting during evo weekend :rofl: Also the deadline for signing up will now be extended to next, next Friday which is August 31st at 9:00pm eastern time. So chippermonkey if you’re reading this please edit your post =D.




ur on the east coast… why the hell are you hosting a tourny on the west coast?

I’ll join and play if we are allowed to use 118u1 for P2P

After playing P2P, regular Kaillera isn’t on the same level at all.

because blind and brownout are west coast and blind had already planned on hosting this tourney in west wonderland

Sure Endless no problem =D

How is the lag on playing p2p between a West Coaster and East Coaster?

Not everybody whose in this tourney is a west coaster like myself and Tha Don. If your on the east coast we will do our best to pair u up with someone who is closer to your location.

Tourney Brackets

For those who have joined here are the brackets :wgrin: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=239781&tclass=Street%20Fighter%203rd%20Strike

West Wonderland hasn’t been working at all for me the past 2 days.

My host is totally screwed up right now. The server is totally flaky. It MIGHT be fixed. I really don’t know. I’m in china and i can only bitch to my host by email. It’s blind’s call, but i think we might have to delay the tournament until my server is fixed. I’m real sorry for the problems. I’m trying to get this fixed as fast as i can.

Check the wonderland forums for more details.

Run it on DaRoms SJ.

i think its up right now. atleast im in it.

Weird, I’m able to connect just fine. There’s 11 people in there. Hopefully the tourny work out.

New Tourney Date

Ok I have decided since myself and others still can’t log into West Wonderland, the tourney will have to be rescheduled for next Saturday which is September 8th.
Same time 9pm eastern, 8pm central, and 6pm pacific.

can an Edmonton cat enter?

Glad my donation money was put to good use =\

btw, whoisodis is too good, i’d rather fight cruise