Sup yall. Mmk gonna keep this short and simple. Well not really. 3rd strike tourney, Sunday, August 2, 2009. 7pm PST! LETS GET IT POPPIN!

Registration at 6:30 PM
Tourney Begins at 7:00 PST SHARP!!!

-West Coast Players Only. I REPEAT WEST COAST ONLY. I apologize in advance to all offended by this rule, but the fact is, with coast to coast lag eliminated, matches will run a lot smoother. (NICA get on the ball with yo east coast tournies son!)
-2/3 Double Elim
-3/5 Grand Finals
-Judgment does not effect outcome of match: Players will have to replay round.
-In the event of a drop or accidental disconnection, player has a chance for redemption, -the round will be replayed again. In the event of another drop or disconnect, that player automatically loses the match and his opponent advances.
-Winner keeps character and is not allowed to switch super
-Loser is allowed to change whatever

This shall go well and be a large ggpo tourney with everyone bringing out their best game, cuz trust me I will. =)

All matches will be coordinated via mirc, #ggpo3s, efnet server. Plenty of time for those who don?t have mirc to get on the ball. PLAYERS MUST BE IN CHANNEL TO PARTICIPATE IN TOURNAMENT, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

I apologize in advance to any who feel inconvienced or offended by the rules, but I am only doing this because I want to run a great, smooth, organized, online tourney.

Please sign-up in advance so I can get an idea of who?s showing up as I will be capping at 32 people. Thnk u!

“I’m down.”

Question though why can’t I switch super? Never seen that rule before.

I assume this is where we pre-sign up, If so count me in.

lol ill be running these probably on fridays at night myself

im just afraid of low turn outs thats all lol

ill get on it probably for this friday ill probably post a thread tomorrow

I’ll try to make it both days

emememememe :slight_smile:

im in…

Oh my lord. We have Thend and CUH TOO? Jeez this is gonna be hard. Null DC emu all day on oro / Makot.

Count me in, Youareezzz

How many people do we got comin? :slight_smile:

I’ll join Neiman, hopefully I won’t be busy by then.

I’m gonna join this and make sure i knock out LGZ makaveli .

ummm…guess that means im in. funny guy this NNNN character.

http://www.efnet.org/ <-- web based client to get on irc for you guys

im in

To bad I was busy today or else i would’ve joined. Must of been a good tourney.:smokin:


what went down :wonder:


1st. Neiman
3rd. Tenren
4th. Dyne
5th. SqrlMaster

Thank you all for supporting the Tournament! Much appreciated. Might throw another one in the future. More organized of course next time. Take Care!

ggs guys.
Also congrats neiman, ur spacing and zoning have gotten a shit load better since I’ve last played you.

videos will be uploaded, I’ll post when they are up. There is no losers final video though, tenren didn’t want any spectators

Let’s run another of these soon, I rarely end up checking this forum so I missed it.

One every Sunday would be a nice thing to do.