West Coast street fighter 2 turbo


sup everyone -

I’m sad because of all the new street fighters that have come out and nobody plays the old one. I’m oldschool, I play 2 turbo, thats it. No rage bars, no counters, no super special BS.

Anyone know of anything happening with this version of street fighter? any tournaments? anything!? I would love to whoop some people up.


You might be able to find some love for Super Turbo… but tournament wise, right now the version of SF2 being used is HDR and needless to say, there’s enough people causing an uproar that that’s not necessarily settled, but it is safe to say that it would be either ST or HDR and more likely to be HDR in a tourney setting, I don’t know anyone playing 2 Turbo.


Hyper fighting is the best SF2 game ever made.

Best SF game, imo.


A couple years ago there were a few tournaments thrown at Cal Poly and Hyper Fighting was one of the games played. But I don’t think they have that machine anymore. Plus, I haven’t heard of any tourneys there in quite some time. That was the last SF2T action I heard of.