West coast vs East coast...who would you pick?


After watching ECT yesterday it got me thinking who would be on each team and who’d win. I know they had a 5 on 5 at seasons beatings but what would happened now. Like I said before it would be a 5 on 5, here’s my choices who would be yours?

West Coast

Justin Wong
Fillipno Champ
Fanatic (after his display at ECT)
PR Rog (seeing as his pretty much west coast now)

East Coast
Chris G
IFC Yipes
Marlin Pie
Noel Brown
Undecided…Flocker, Dieminion, RayRay (after his ECT display)?


Pretty much same list as yours. And i’d be rooting for EC


East Coast would be Marlin Pie, RayRay, Yipes, (if you don’t have these 3 you’re crazy), Chris G and…3 way tie between Moons/Noel Brown/OMG. I would pick OMG cuz he has the durpiest team.


Did you not watch ect? Pretty sure EC got rocked… hard…

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I’d be rooting for East Coast aswell tbh


I would say EC even though i really like some of the players on west coast.


I’m from west coast but I was really rooting for RayRay during ETC, I was hoping he would have made it back for the finals to have another shot at Fanatiq.
. I’ve been watching the east coast streams lately and they have been off the hook. Loving what I’m seeing over there.

Also, ChrisG! I think he could have taken combofiend out in a rematch. That shit was so close, but it was cool since it was so hype.

I’d have to go with east coast just cuz I love watching ChrisG’s Morrigan and I love seeing him win. Hope he wins Evo with that shit.


Your point? Wanting a team to win and encouraging it has nothing to do with the probabilties of them getting the W


East Coast.
I’m more familiar with EC players than I am West Coast. Even though I’m in the WC. Lame play is the best!


Hell, why not bring in the cheap stuff and have two Morrigan players on EC? Bring in Dieminion, fuck it.


The problem with that is that WC team is set up to have teams that counter Morrigan + Missiles. J.Wong’s Spencer/Vergil/Frank, F.Champ’s Magneto/Dorm/Doom (if he decides to run this instead of Phoenix) and Fanatiq’s Magneto/Beyonzo/Sentinel will be out there with their plentiful options to evade the hit fireballs and snipe out doom missiles. It’s going to hurt Chris G’s team already. Which means the magnitude those teams will hurt Dieminion are basically two fold as his team still is very lacking on support.




Chris G & Dieminion team are very different. Dieminion team can blow up any team that called the wrong assist easier with Dr strange in the 2nd slot, why chris’s team lack the instant one touch kill. Chip to death does not win the big dogs, I think Chris G needs to change he’s team or else he will get counter left right and center.


Same list pretty much as OP, but maybe instead of Combo/PR_Rog put in Knives… don’t get me wrong they are godlike… but their teams just aren’t as good as strong…

There needs to be a 5x5 WC VS EC high stakes money match (like 5k per coast at least, pretty sure each coast can easily get 5k)… make it happen at Season’s Beatings or another major


Guys like Chris G and PR Rog never take these matches seriously… they got bodied during the EVO 2011 EC vs WC when they should be a match to any West Coast player. Not sure if you would want them in your team for a EC vs WC 5v5.


Is there gonna be a 5 on 5 at evo like last year? I think we’d all like to see it.


I agree with the first list. For EC i would choose flocker because he plays zero.


What is this East coast you speak of? I only saw West coast last weekend.


I prefer the West Coast, my favourite players are there (other than Flocker), and they seem to have a larger pool of placers at majors over there.

My 5v5 WCxEC pick would be

Justin Wong
Filipino Champ (the people he couldn’t beat with Phoenix he beat with Dormammu, except Ray Ray)
PR Rog
*Anyone out of Knives, Viscant, Clockw0rk (my fav player along with Combofiend) and Fanatiq

Chris G
Noel Brown
(Di3minion on reserves)


West Coast
-Justin Wong, of course
-Combofiend, of course
-Filipino Champ, of course
-Viscant, the champ
-Neo, just because i really like his gameplay and think he is really underrated

East Coast
-Chris G, that lame stuff
-Noel Brown, one of my personal favorite players, so solid
-Yipes, my favorite player, the reason i play dante, scary vergil

  • Bum, super solid and i’d love to see him make s big debut, and lf course that haggar hype
    -Marlin Pie, well because he’s godlike