West coast warzone 2



whos going? if you are… .ill see you there… ill be the one with the backpack filled with beer


when and were is it


Hahah shytzoo, providin’ the PBR. Can’t go wrong with that <3

Really wanna go, but don’t think I can make it out. If both of you end up going, BEAST MODE on everyone please :smiley:


if we go u gotta go. 3 people reppin sakua would be hot lol


its in long beach this fri, sat, and sunday… im going but i just found out im not entering it, as it is on xbox only… so im pretty much fucked in that regard. im just gonna chill on the side and drink until i cant see any tvs


oh damn i had no idea it was this weekend lol. i have to work >< but i’ll come by afterwards for casuals! (around 8:30pm)

PM me your numbers guys and i’ll give you a call when im there :tup:

edit: oh wait, xbox only? uhh can someone bring an extra stick? lol


i cant go i got work and i live 7 hours away. dont get me wrong i did almost call in sick lol.


meh i dont think i’ll be going afterall


obey… im going just to drink… i mean its free if you dont take part… im gonna PM you my number… hit me up if you decide to swing by and chug some beers. also im bringing a ps3 set up for casuals in case i get a hotel room there, so we can get some casuals done there. if you do swing by, send me a text (im bad with phone calls for some dumb reason. or leave a message on my voicemail hahaha)