West Coast Warzone 3 Results & Shoutouts

Official Results: Apologies for the delay; life happened.

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles:
1st. EG. Ricky Ortiz [Rufus]
2nd. 801 Strider [Abel]
3rd. BLG Juicebox [Abel]
4th. BLG Filipino Champ [Dhalsim]
5th. EG. Marn [Dudley/C.Viper]
5th. Keno [Boxer]
7th. Ed Ma [Juri/Akuma]
7th. XSK Samurai [Ryu]
9th. Alex Valle [Ryu]
9th. Air [Ryu]
9th. Mike Ross [Honda]
9th. Latif [C.Viper]
12th. ClakeyD [Ibuki]
12th. Combofiend [Guy/Abel]
12th. FlashMetroid [C.Viper]
12th. MashdatDP [Dictator]

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams:
1st. R. Kaiai: Valle/KMada/Bryant
2nd. The 3 Studketeers: Ross/ComboFiend/Clakey D
3rd. Team Keno: Kai/Keno/VicDaSlick

Marvel vs Capcom 2:

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Mr. Pasadena
  3. Mike Chaos

**Marvel vs Capcom 2 Low Tier: **

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Ruben
  3. Combofiend

Super Street Fighter 2: HD-Remix

  1. Snake Eyez
  2. Hugo101
  3. Alex Valle

1st. Online Tony
2nd. McNasty
3rd. Mr. Pasadena

MK vs DC:
1st. Tom Brady
2nd. Shoryuken
3rd. Krayzie Bone

Neo vs Clockw0rk High Stakes MM
Neo wins 15-12


Kai - I hate you.
Gootecks - Thanks again for all the pointers and advice Ryan!
Haunts - Thank you so much for the amazing stream that you put on. You were all positivity despite the internet problems and the venue and you really pulled through for us. Obviously, we will partner up again next time~
Eric - You definitely held it down for the stream man. You and haunts make an amazing team. I’ll see you soon bud!
MarkMan - Your contributions to the entire community is appreciated. I wish we had more time to talk at the tourney. Please be on the lookout for that Ruth Chris stop!
Brokentier - Thanks for coming out and rocking those amazing shirts!
Keno - Good shit on 5th Keno! I was going nuts when you got those wins in the team tourney. Thanks for that muscle too brother!
Warren - Another year, another car, another Warzone that couldn’t have happened without your help. Thanks for being there!
Neo - You brought on the most amazing aspect of the event. Without you and Clockw0rk, Warzone would not have been as amazing as it was. Thank you! And thanks for the money! =]
Clockw0rk - I cannot thank you enough for putting on the greatest show on earth. Despite the outcome, you were providing absolute priceless entertainment. I don’t think it would be a stretch for a lot of the hundreds of people in attendance that you showcasing your skills will be the highlight of their 2011. I know it’s mine. Thank you!
James Chen - Always a pleasure James! Working with you is so fun! Karaoke soon!
Ultra David - I think this was our first go at commentating together and you made it so easy. Thanks for the pizza =]
Filipino Champ - YOU ARE SO LEGIT!
Ricky - Rage mode Ricky is scary. I’ve never seen a good player play solid and still get double perfected. You’re a beast.
Justin - You’re gdlk. Karaoke soon. =]
FlashMetroid - You were out of state and I put you to work and dirtied your socks. I apologize profusely.
Utah - You guys had quite the showing. Gustavo, Andy, IPeru, and the others, thanks for coming out and supporting my event. I hope to see you guys again at other events and obviously again at my own next year =]
Canada - Thanks for coming out guys! Air, your Ryu blew my mind; ChiRithy, I think everyone agrees that you have one of the best Chuns in the western hemisphere, and thanks JS for being a good sport. You pulled off some amazing stuff too!
Bracket Runners - You guys know who you are. Thank you for helping us make Warzone a fun tournament for all!

I’m at work and running out of time and there’s far too many more people but you all know who you are and I thank you all for coming to support my event! I hope you all come out again next year!

CLOCKW0RK/NEO: thanks for putting on the best mvc2 match in years.

nothing else mattered

gg niggas.

Kind of sad to see Juicebox get 3rd. He was the Ricky killer that night. Good stuff anyway.


Amazing fucking set.

Can someone confirm the winner of the team tournament?

Who won between Neo and Clockwork?

Neo, 15-12

If I’m not mistaken, team R. Kaiai(?), Alex Valle/K Mada(Latif)/Bryant the Tyrant.

Neo vs Clock was epic that mm will go down in history. nice too see all the all of my socal peeps yesterday.

P.S. I lost my keys if anybody yesterday if anybody found a pair of keys let me know please they might be mine.

will it be full results
i would like to see how i did
or how of all of sd did in the tourney

How many SSF4 singles entrants were there?

Hey, my friend Choysauce misplaced his TE stick late yesterday at the venue
If the staff or anyone happened to see it or carry it off by mistake please let me know

Its a yellow and red TE stick with a picture of Family guy Jesus doing a kick and the QCFx2 with 2 kicks logo near the buttons

Any sort of information is greatly appreciated

hello friends

What i saw on those 3 days was just to good to ever be forgotten. Thanks to everyone that made this possible. Love you Clockwork. No Homo. Congratulations on your win Neo. Keep it up guys.

Shoutouts to John Rog for letting the MK-Crew have our first West Coast major.

The entire weekend was awesome. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Posting from a gutter somewhere.

WCW3 was amazing!!!

Thank you John Rog for an amazing event!

Big shouts to Haunts and Roger Dodger. These dudes worked their ass off all weekend! It sucks that so many unforseen problems arose, but y’all still put up some of the most amazing footage ever (MARVEL!!!)

Thanks to all the Canadian players that stopped by and money matched like crazy. You guys are chill as shit! Especially JS and Chi-Rithy for making me some money!

Thanks to Mike Ross for hooking it up with some commentary and tweets.

Shout outs to Utah and Alaska for stopping by to play.

Nice to meet J.Cole

Online Tony and Hugo always trying to hustle.

Thanks for the tips Filipino Champ!

Big thanks to Muzras for being dope as usual and AJ for gettin crunk!

Big props for the MK community, glad i could hang with y’all. Thanks to Obey for handling shit as well.

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, I was retardedly drunk all weekend.
I’m going to crawl into a hole somewhere

Amazing tournament. Lots of setups, friendly TO’s, friendly people, and lots of fun.

Shoutouts to the UCLA and SLO people, we need to get together and play more if we expect to get better!

My group decided to go back to our hotel room after seeing singles finals, and THE TEAM TOURNAMENT FOLLOWED US.
I was laying in bed and Neo, Valle, Mike Rosss, and a bunch of other top players just wandered in, cuz they needed a setup to finish the tournament on.

I think someone in my group recorded the matches, they will probably appear eventually soon.

great times and great games with everyone
Clock vs Neo was classic
PS people need to keep on eye on their sticks
PPS imo you cant have players running brackets at the same time trying to play, that needs to be addressed ASAP, each pool needs a designated organizer that IS NOT playing
PPPS Hot Willy you are the best Atlanta GA player ever!

Anyone have vids of clockwork/neo match? Had to work and i missed it. Pissed off i didnt get a chance to see it.

Has Neo lost a MM yet? Too gdlk