West Coast Warzone Announcements, Assurances, Money Matches

What’s up guys,

I’ve heard through the grapevine that for NorCal specifically, there are some concerns about this years West Coast Warzone. I’m here to squash said concerns.

Regarding our schedule, with a new venue and a sophomore year, comes more responsibilities and stricter time lines. I can guarantee you that we will be following and enforcing a strict schedule this year, because I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it costs us about a G for every hour that we go past our time. Also, having gotten owned so hard last year with the amount of people, I can tell you we won’t get owned again.

Also, know that this event was created for you guys, not myself and John. We understand that this time we aren’t running on a 3 day weekend, and that you guys are driving about 5-6 hours to get down here. We have taken into account that you guys need to drive back, and have set up the finals in a such a way that you can return at a reasonable time.

Also, assuming that you guys are staying at the hotel, our never been done before Warzone channel will allow you guys to see your pools and brackets in your hotel room the night before, aka sleep longer on Saturday without worrying about where you are.

I would also like to take this chance to point out that if you guys have any MM’s, whether it be Marvel or in SF4, if it’s for a reasonable amount we will offer you guys exposure on the stream and on the big screen. I can tell you right now that our stream last year had over 50,000 views with more than 15,000 active at one time.

Also, I’d like to add in, for those that know what I’m talking about, if you guys are making such a long trip down, regardless of whether you win or lose, I GUARANTEE NorCal will not walk away empty handed.

Again, I’d like to thank you guys for driving down here all the time for our events.

P.S. Waiting on confirmation to allow a few select NorCal players have a SUPER time.

<3 kai
How bout P.r. Rog VS FLIPCHAMP ???

i want boobs in my hands.

Super sweet. 3 of us are driving down Friday night staying with relatives. Hearing how socal is handling it makes us feel giggly inside.

Looking forward to this weekend.

Still waiting on my god damn MM from 3 weeks ago Ryan. Maybe you’d like to switch it up and try Fuerte instead of Chun?

I called out PR Balrog for you. Let’s see if he bites.

I don’t get what this has to do with anything but I agree.


Rolling down to WCW with Vestax. Gonna party fuckin hard with all yall if I don’t make top 8. And if I do, well I guess then IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME

Happytang, I will let you know if I have a confirmed money match for considerable stakes.

Also, I think Fanatiq and Reset might go at it: Fanatiq vs. Reset on the big screen in a set. Doooo it!


Otherwise, to FiliChamp Ryan,

PR Balrog accepts your MM.

Does anybody else want to MM PR Balrog?

so much for sticking to schedule.